Quality and environment

Pierburg expects the suppliers to have a quality management system according to ISO TS 16949 and the implementation of an environmental management system pursuant ISO 14001 (each with the current valid version). The minimum requirement is the certification of the quality management system according to
ISO 9001 (current valid version).

Pierburg cares especially about the suppliers cooperation and target achievement regarding zero-defective strategy and 100% adherence to schedule- and quantity requirements. The success of Pierburg and
its suppliers mainly depends on a consequent implementation of preventative planning- and quality assurance measures not only in product development process but also in serial production. Only the ones who can demonstrate an outstanding quality leadership maintain their competitiveness in the long run.

Pierburg products have a significant impact to emission control and energy consumption. Environmentally conscious behavior is an important part of Pierburg’s company policy which is ensured by a management system. Pierburg therefore expects also from its suppliers a careful handling of resources or rather an orientation/implementation of a quality management system.

With a consistent focus on the quality- and environmental management a sustainable cooperation between
the suppliers and Pierburg is ensured.
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