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About us
American Rheinmetall Systems, LLC (ARS) headquartered in Biddeford, ME, is a part of Rheinmetall’s Electronic Solutions division. ARS is a leader in the integration of next-generation intelligent systems for ground vehicles and ISR platforms. ARS’ solutions are purposely aligned with current modular and open systems philosophies meeting today’s open system requirements. ARS’s soldier lethality portfolio provides innovative lethality enhancements to individual and crew-served weapon systems. ARS also provides access to Rheinmetall’s global portfolio of electronic solutions and weapon capabilities to the U.S. warfighter.

Commitment to the U.S. Army’s CROWS Program


American Rheinmetall Systems is best known for their continued commitment to the U.S. Army’s CROWS program. Since 2007, ARS has supplied over 12,000 electro-optical (EO) and electronic LRUs for integration into the Army’s remote weapon stations. This includes ruggedized high-definition image stabilized EO sensors (day cameras), weapon mounts, and critical assemblies. Most recently, ARS has developed the VIM Vitra, a next-generation high-definition NIR/EO continuous zoom camera with improved detection, recognition, and identification (DRI) ranges, and commanding low light performance, providing a powerful upgrade option for legacy CROWS weapon stations.

Near-Peer Combat Overmatch

American Rheinmetall Systems is committed to delivering capabilities that enhance combat overmatch against near peer threats. Outside of continued success with the CROWS program, ARS is dedicated to providing advanced, networked solutions to include weapon-mounted laser aiming products, ranging and illuminating devices, weapon fire control systems, and programming units for 40 mm airburst munitions. ARS’ solutions ensure increased soldier lethality in support of the United States Armed Forces' highest modernization priorities.

Delivering Intelligent Solutions

Looking towards the future, ARS is committed to developing and delivering next-generation intelligent capabilities. ARS solutions are dedicated to reducing the sensor to shooter decision cycle by leveraging AI/ML algorithms and advanced processing solutions at the edge.
Systems & Products – Highlights

Intelligent Vehicle Systems

360° Situational Awareness System
Trailblazer Vision System

Soldier Systems

  • R-PAL –  Laser module with laser range finder
  • VTAL – Laser aiming module
  • VAMPIR – Laser aiming module

Surveillance Systems

FIRST– Fast InfraRed Search & Track
VIM Vitra HD (EO) day camera
Mobile C-UAS system

Weapon Systems

40 mm Fire Control Systems
Mk93 Heavy Weapons Mount
American Rheinmetall Systems and Rheinmetall Air Defence work collaboratively to bring these highly-effective products and capabilities to the U.S. market.


Upcoming exhibitions

American Rheinmetall Systems participates in the following events regularly:

  • AUSA Global Force
  • Sea, Air & Space
  • Modern Day Marine
  • MCoE Maneuver Warfighter Conference
  • AUSA
  • Experience Federal Resources

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Industry associations

We proudly support industry associations and consortia: 

  • AUSA – Association of the United States Army: Community Partner
  • National Guard Association of Maine
  • AUSA – Association of the United States Army: National Partner under American Rheinmetall Defense
  • NDIA – National Defense Industrial Association: National Partner under American Rheinmetall Defense
  • NAMC – National Advanced Mobility Consortium
  • DATC – Defense Automotive Technologies Consortium
  • NAC – The National Armaments Consortium
  • NSTIC – Naval Surface Technology & Innovation Consortium
  • NADIC – National Defense Industries Council
  • SCEC – Sensors, Communications, and Electronics Consortium



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