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Rheinmetall Hungary Munitions Zrt. is building a new 150-hectare production center in Várpalota, Komitat Veszprém, to supply ammunition to the Hungarian armed forces.

Rheinmetall plays an important role in Hungary's "Zrínyi 2026" initiative, which focuses on modern equipment for the national armed forces and envisages local production.

As part of this programme, Rheinmetall, as a systems house for technology and security, has been commissioned by the Hungarian Ministry of Defence to supply, among other things, a comprehensive and modern ammunition package. The contract provides for the supply of ammunition for infantry fighting vehicles, main battle tanks, artillery and decoy systems. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in 2023 and the order is to be fulfilled by 2031.

Rheinmetall intends to serve Hungary as a domestic market with domestic production in the future. More than 200 jobs will be created here within the next few years.

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Rheinmetall is a global industry leader who is highly experienced in mastering the entire weapon and ammunition system, with focus on capabilities spanning large and medium calibre weapons and munitions, protection systems, propulsion systems, charge systems and propellant powders.
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