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The newly founded Rheinmetall Electronics Hungary Kft. in Budapest is part of Rheinmetall’s Electronic Solutions division and focuses on the development and testing of comprehensive, high-end software solutions for large-scale military or civil customers projects. 

Rheinmetall Electronic Hungary plays an important role in the company's ambition to provide innovative and secure software solutions for the defence industry that enhance operational efficiency and protect the national security of Rheinmetall's customers such as national armed forces worldwide.

The company's goal is to be the leading provider of software solutions for the global defence industry across land, sea, air and cyber domains and to be recognised for its commitment to excellence, innovation and security as part of a Rheinmetall multinational team.

As a result, a new, modern development software center is created in Budapest with stream of high technology jobs to be created within the next few years.

Systems & Products

Rheinmetall Electronic Hungary is a part of Rheinmetall Electronics GmbH that delivers mission systems and simulation solutions to military, governmental and commercial customers

Rheinmetall Electronics offers a comprehensive range of products and services for armed forces, law enforcement agencies and industry partners. In close cooperation with its customers, Rheinmetall Electronics designs, develops and produces high-end products and integrates complex system solutions. The integrated electronic solutions portfolio covers reconnaissance, fire control, soldier and command systems, guided weapon platforms as well as training, learning and engineering applications for individuals, teams and entire customer organisations. Specific IT- and Cyber defence solutions and systems complete the portfolio.

The product portfolio of Rheinmetall Electronics comprises:

TacNet – Tactical Management System (BMS)

Reconnaissance and fire control

Control & Command

  • Automatic target acquisition and tracking devices
  • Observation and reconnaissance systems
  • Close-up range reconnaissance systems
  • Stabilized electro-optical sighting systems
  • Multi sensor platforms
  • 360° infrared search and track reconnaissance sensors
  • Cooled and non-cooled thermal imaging systems
  • Satellite radio reconnaissance systems
  • Fire control systems
  • Modular laser fire control systems
  • Optronic sighting systems
  • Laser light modules
  • Friend enemy target recognition systems
  • System solutions – Future Soldier Command and control systems
  • Soldier command systems


Automoatic test systems

Flight simulation

  • for electronic assemblies
  • for optical/optronical assemblies
  • for aircraft engines

  • Fast jet simulators
  • Helicopter simulators
  • Night vision cockpit procedure trainer
  • Laser projection systems
  • Cargo loading
  • Maintenance training
  • Computer based training 

Land simulation

Maritime and process simulation

  • Live training systeme Legatus
  • Combat training centres
  • Direct fire weapons effect simulators
  • CTC-player units
  • MOUT training systems
  • Tactical simulation systems
  • Military vehicles driving training
  • Tank driving simulators
  • Police simulators
  • Power plant simulators
  • Computer based training 
  • Anti submarine warfare
  • Mine hunting simulators
  • Combat information centres
  • Ship handling simulators
  • Ship engine simulators
  • Safety and security training environments
  • Tactical simulation systems
  • Joint training solutions
  • Power plant and process simulators
  • Simulation and trainings for the oil and gas industry
  • Computer based training 
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