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Rheinmetall Italia

Rheinmetall Italia is active in the defence technology and space/civil sectors:


Rheinmetall Italia's main business is the production of antiaircraft defence systems and the design, development and production of surveillance and target-tracking radar systems (for land and naval, conventional and missile applications) as well as logistical support of the systems it sells. Rheinmetall Italia is the Rheinmetall Group’s undisputed radar specialist.

The company has won an international reputation for excellence in the world of microwave technology and the design, development and manufacture of surveillance radar and air and ground target-tracking sensors, accumulating tremendous experience and expertise in the process.


Since the 1980s the company has also operated in the civil and space field, acquiring extensive experience and special know-how in materials, structures, precision engineering, radar technology and telecommunications.

Rheinmetall Italia participates in important national and international space programmes, serving as prime contractor or subcontractor, and collaborates with the Italian Space Agency, the European Space Agency, universities, research centres and the global space industry.

In the civil sector, Rheinmetall Italia is active in the air traffic control and management market, with a particular emphasis on high-resolution, millimetre wavelength radar for ground control in airports (moving objects and debris on the runways).

In the space sector, Rheinmetall Italia has collaborated for many years with leading space agencies such as NASA, ESA, ASI, DRL and CONAE. The company is currently taking part in a number of important programmes, including:
  • the International Space Station;
  • the European small launcher (VEGA);
  • national scientific missions (MITA, AGILE);
  • launch bases for the VEGA and SOYUZ vectors at the ESA Space Centre in Kourou, French Guiana;
  • micro- and mini-satellites for scientific applications and earth observation;
  • payloads operating in the millimetre frequency band. 
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