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Located in Rome, Rheinmetall Italia S.p.A., previously known as Oerlikon Contraves S.p.A, is a member of the Rheinmetall Group.

Rheinmetall Italia is a leader in air defence and radar technology. The company has more than fifty years experience in the design, development and manufacturing of air surveillance and tracking radars in the frequency band from L up to W (millimetre waves) and it has been designated Rheinmetall's "Radar House". The production focuses on the field of short- and very short-range defence systems.

Systems & products

Air defence products

Rheinmetall Italia's main business is the production of antiaircraft defence systems and the design, development and production of surveillance and target-tracking radar systems (for land and naval, conventional and missile applications) as well as logistical support of the systems it sells.

Rheinmetall Italia's X-TAR3D is a three-dimensional tactical acquisition radar working in X-band and performing the functions of short range search, detection, acquisition, tracking, classification and identification of air targets flying at very low altitudes.
Oerlikon X-TAR3D – Such- und Erfassungsradar

Space programmes and products

Rheinmetall Italia has collaborated for many years with leading space agencies such as NASA, ESA, ASI, DRL and CONAE. The company also takes part in a number of important programmes which reinforces its position in the space technology market, both nationally and internationally. The product portfolio includes micro-satellites, electronic and microwave products and modules, structures and mechanisms.

Smart Airport

Rheinmetall Italia contributes to making international air travel safer: The US Federal Aviation Authority issued a special permit authorizing purchase of the world’s most advanced system for detecting foreign object debris at airports: DEB-RA®


Civil products

Rheinmetall Italia is also active in the air traffic control and management market. Since Rheinmetall Italia focuses mainly on radar sensors and the management of high-value resources, the company concentrates on microwave technology (antennae, transmitters and receivers) as well as signal and data processing.


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