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RWM Italia S.p.A., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Rheinmetall Group and part of the Weapon and Ammunition division, is Rheinmetall's centre of excellence for underwater defence and countermining systems, warheads and loitering munitions. RWM Italia is a longstanding supplier to the defence departments and ministries of Italy, its allies and other like-minded nations. 

RWM Italia operates out of three locations in Italy:

  • The Ghedi office, located near Brescia, in Northern Italy, is home to the central functions of Programme Management, Human Resources, Finance, Legal, Commercial and the R&D and Engineering Department. Also located in Ghedi is the main electronics and mechanical parts production facility;

  • The Domusnovas plant, located in the South of Sardinia, is home to the high volume explosive production facility, where there are modern production lines for processing pressed, melt-cast and cast cured PBX explosives, and a dedicated proofing ground for the live testing of small scale explosive items; and

  • The Torino office, newly opened in 2023, which houses R&D and Engineering functions.

Today, RWM Italia employs more than 600 staff across all sites, and continues to grow alongside the rapidly evolving Defence sector, responding to needs of security and protection in a changing world.

Systems & Products

RWM Italia's core competencies are:

  • Countermining systems
  • Loitering munitions
  • Warheads
  • Electronic fuzing systems
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Via Industriale 8/D

25016 Ghedi (BS)



Phone: +39 030 9043 1

Fax: +39 030 9050 907



Loc. Matt´ è Conti

09015 Domusnovas (SU)



R&D and Engineering branch

Strada del Drosso, 33/8

10135 Torino (CAP)



Rheinmetall Platz 1

40476 Dusseldorf


Phone: +49 211 473-01

Fax: +49 211 473-4727

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