18/11/2021 | Press release

Commended for equal opportunity and diversity

Rheinmetall places among the top 30 in European diversity ranking

Diversity is one Rheinmetall core values, an essential factor for innovation and steady growth in a time of transition. The Düsseldorf-based technology group just came in 28th in the Europe-wide "Diversity Leaders 2022" ranking conducted by the Financial Times. Rheinmetall thus placed among the top thirty out of 850 companies surveyed, an outstanding result.

Based on a representative selection of 100,000 employees of European companies, the survey took place anonymously and online during from April to August 2021.

"This excellent ranking acknowledges our openminded corporate culture and underscores our strong commitment to social responsibility", stated Armin Papperger, Chairman of the Executive Board of Rheinmetall AG. "We're very happy that employees all over Europe appreciate our activities for assuring inclusion, integration and equal opportunity."

"Rheinmetall is committed to diversity. As we move forward, we will continue to strengthen our commitment in this area, focusing even more sharply on cooperation and support", added Mr Papperger.

Rheinmetall AG has long been synonymous with active support for diversity and appreciation of all people regardless of gender, age, sexual identity, physical ability, ethnic and social origin, skin colour, religion, culture or personal philosophy. In March 2017 the company signed Germany's Charta der Vielfalt, or "diversity charter" and recently took part in Diversity Day 2021, an event held in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, sending a clear message in support for equality of opportunity and diversity.

An international enterprise with locations on six continents, in Germany alone Rheinmetall employed men and women from seventy different nationalities in FY 2020. Rheinmetall supports equal treatment of all its employees, while fostering a positive and supportive working atmosphere.

The presence of women in the company and the promotion of talent from all social groups will be energetically pursued in future, too, and the compatibility of family and work reinforced. Rheinmetall's high ranking in this survey suggests that the company is on the right track.

The Financial Times "Diversity Leaders 2022" ranking is based on an independent survey of publicly traded and privately owned companies from all sectors with at least 250 employees. The individual status of each company is calculated based on the responses to comprehensive questions relating to age, disability, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation (LGBTQ+).


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