13/06/2022 | Press release

Rheinmetall Canada and Rheinmetall Project Solutions partner with Calian to develop and deliver a rapidly deployable expeditionary healthcare program

Rheinmetall Canada, Rheinmetall Project Solutions, and Calian Group Ltd. have joined forces to offer comprehensive healthcare solutions that have been designed to address the world’s most pressing humanitarian needs. The team’s Expeditionary Healthcare Program will have the capacity to rapidly provide the temporary infrastructure, advanced medical equipment, and healthcare professionals to provide “Role 1” medical services for temporary camps of up to 15 000 inhabitants. This initiative will provide the Canadian government, and other nations and international organizations, the ability to rapidly ameliorate the sufferings of vulnerable communities around the globe experiencing the challenges and trauma of natural disasters or manmade crises.

In teaming together, Rheinmetall Canada, Rheinmetall Project Solutions, and Calian will provide complementary skills and capabilities that will create real synergy within this extraordinary team. These include modern mobile and static medical clinics with all associated facilities, cutting-edge medical equipment and health information technologies, and a pool of healthcare professionals possessing exceptional qualifications and experience. In this field, Rheinmetall already strengthened its capabilities with acquisition of Zeppelin Mobile Systems (ZMS), who is the leading European provider of high-class medical solutions from turnkey military field hospitals to individual and unique custom-made medical care units. Rheinmetall will bring this experienced know-how into the teaming with Calian.

Pietro Mazzei, Vice-president of Rheinmetall Canada, commented: “We believe that this unique combination of modern temporary infrastructures, advanced medical technologies, and first-class healthcare professionals will provide governments with a real capability to achieve timely and positive improvement to the health of thousands of individuals facing desperate and dangerous challenges. We are proud to be building world-class Canadian partnerships to respond to this international need.”

Gordon McDonald, President, Health, Calian added: “We are delighted to partner with Rheinmetall, collaborating with a highly capable international team that is well-positioned to provide critical health services - where and when they are needed - around the globe.”

About Rheinmetall Canada

Rheinmetall Canada is the Canadian arm of Germany’s Rheinmetall Group, Europe’s largest supplier of systems and equipment for armed forces and security services. With employees at locations in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu in Québec and Ottawa in Ontario, Rheinmetall Canada has accumulated over three decades of expertise in system integration, real-time command and control software development, and communication solutions. Serving as prime contractor, Rheinmetall Canada has also managed several major Canadian Army programs, such as the Leopard 2 repair and overhaul, medium-range radar, integrated soldier system, and satellite communications on the move. For more information, visit rheinmetall.ca .

About Rheinmetall Project Solutions

Rheinmetall Project Solutions GmbH bundles the Rheinmetall Group's resources and capabilities for supplying services for deployed operations support and supplies armed forces and security organizations with services from a single source, including operational support, depot logistics, and the disposal of unused ammunition. In doing so, the company draws not only Rheinmetall's comprehensive range of products, but also builds on the Group's longstanding experience in the field of operational and service support. The spectrum encompasses project management, engineering and design expertise, integrated logistical services, creating infrastructure, sensors surveillance, and force protection systems, as well as providing specialized personnel – including in hazardous areas of operation.

About Calian

Calian helps people communicate, innovate, learn, stay safe and lead healthy lives with confidence. Every day, Calian employees live the company’s values of customer-commitment, integrity, innovation and teamwork to engineer reliable solutions that solve complex problems. That’s Confidence. Engineered. As a stable and growing 40-year company, Calian is headquartered in Ottawa with offices and projects spanning North American and international markets. Visit calian.com to learn about innovative healthcare, communications, learning, and cybersecurity solutions.


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