The UGV transporting the wounded.

29/04/2020 | Story

Shorten the chain of rescue – The Rheinmetall Mission Master saves lives

The Rheinmetall Mission Master is an unmanned vehicle. With the "Rescue" mission package, it can be used in medical evacuation operations (MedEvac) to contribute towards saving lives.
On the battlefield, most deaths occur at some point between the time of injury and arrival at a medical facility. Thanks to its scalable autonomy and high network capability, the Mission Master can intelligently shorten the chain of rescue in such situations:
  1. Many military tasks are so-called 3D tasks (dull, dirty, dangerous). Some of these tasks can be carried out by an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) in order to avoid unnecessary hardship or to prevent endangering human lives (danger of NBC warfare agents, firefights, etc.)
  2. The necessary deployment of a mobile medical team can be partially replaced by the Mission Master Rescue. In Platooning Mode (or also Follow-Me Mode), the vehicle can provide transport of casualties by transporting wounded persons who can be monitored by the inclusion of medical equipment and the connection to a doctor in the lead vehicle. The vehicles can be individually equipped as required – for example with respirators, a defibrillator, thermal containers, head and foot fixations, etc.
  3. The Mission Master can be used for different missions and can provide support in many ways. The UGV is available in six other mission modules:
  • ​​Reconnaissance and surveillance
  • Transport (mule) 
  • Protection: Weapon carrier 
  • NBC detection (detection of warfare agents) 
  • Communication relay 
  • Fire-fighting vehicle
The UGV transporting the wounded.
The UGV is amphibious and can reach a speed of 6 km/h in water. On land, the UGV travels at up to 40 km/h without a large additional load.
The UGV can thus be used with the latest sensors for space surveillance (reconnaissance) or can be equipped with various protection systems (smoke projector) to protect motorised and non-motorised forces.
Using the Mission Master allows personnel to be deployed more efficiently, because the UGV performs certain tasks without risk to the lives and health of the soldiers.
"The vehicle is so versatile, you have to see it live. It is easy to learn how to operate it and users love it."
Dr. Marc Lemmermann

Vice President Regional Business Development

As new customers, the British armed forces recently ordered four Cargo versions of the Rheinmetall Mission Master.

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