Rheinmetall Mission Master A-UGVs: a unique family of dependable allies for soldiers

The Rheinmetall Mission Master family

A pioneering line of autonomous unmanned ground vehicles

The Rheinmetall Mission Master is a unique family of Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles (A-UGVs) designed to support military troops in dangerous missions, difficult terrain, and hostile weather conditions. On top of being valuable for reconnaissance and surveillance operations, the Mission Master platforms can be fitted for tactical overwatch, fire support, medical evacuation, CBRN detection, communication relay, and any other type of missions that may require the support of an A-UGV.

Each Mission Master vehicle is already networked with both Rheinmetall’s soldier system and the Rheinmetall Command and Control Software, which are compatible in any user’s battle management system.

The Mission Master family

Dependable allies for soldiers

Mission Master SP

Compact and stealthy

The Rheinmetall Mission Master SP is a low-profile A-UGV engineered to provide assistance and reduce danger to dismounted soldiers in a wide range of missions, including high-risk situations.
Rheinmetall Mission Master SP in its cargo configuration

With its low-signature electric motor, the Mission Master SP excels in any scenario requiring stealth and agility.

This A-UGV is built for forward and last-mile resupply missions, silent watch operations, and carriage of light payloads, such as section sensors and weapon systems. Compact and highly mobile, the Mission Master SP can follow troops as a buddy, letting soldiers get closer to the enemy without being seen or heard.

Mission Master CXT

Compact volume and total mobility

The Rheinmetall Mission Master CXT is a rugged autonomous UGV (A-UGV) designed to accompany troops in all kinds of missions, especially in challenging environments. With its extreme-terrain mobility, hybrid propulsion, and advanced amphibious capabilities, the Mission Master CXT reliably and silently transports heavy payloads in even the most unforgiving conditions. In the most difficult of situations, it remains capable of transporting its full payload capacity of 1000kg.

Rheinmetall Mission Master CXT in its cargo configuration
Robust and highly reliable in the field, the Mission Master CXT combines the power of a diesel engine with a silent electric motor, providing a total range of 450 km without refueling (including 50 km on batteries). Its integrated lithium-ion batteries facilitate silent missions and are built to work in extreme hot or cold conditions. Thanks to its compact footprint, this A-UGV can be transported by internal load inside a range of aircraft, including the CH-47, CH-53, and C-130, as well as inside commercial aircraft.

Mission Master XT

Highly mobile and powerful

The Rheinmetall Mission Master XT is a rugged A-UGV designed to accompany troops in all kinds of missions, especially in challenging environments. With its total mobility in extreme terrain and advanced amphibious capabilities, the Mission Master XT reliably transports payloads of up to 1000 kg in even the most unforgiving conditions.
Rheinmetall Mission Master XT in its cargo configuration
A reliable ally in the field, the Mission Master XT can travel 750 km without refuelling. In addition, an integrated battery facilitates silent watch operations for several hours at a time, extending this A-UGV’s capabilities even further. Robust enough to handle platoon or company sensors and weapon systems, the Mission Master XT lets units increase their range and firepower with heavier-calibre weapons and larger optics than they would otherwise be able to carry.

Mission Master modules

A modular design for all platforms

Extremely versatile, Rheinmetall Mission Master A-UGVs can perform any mission profiles using a wide variety of modular payloads. Each module comes on a sturdy plate, preconfigured and ready to be bolted and plugged into the base platform within minutes. Any specific requirements of the client can be fulfilled with Rheinmetall’s made-to-order A-UGV solution. 

Rheinmetall guarantees the right solution for every need!


Driven by PATH A-kit

The Mission Master family owes its autonomous navigation and driving functions to the Rheinmetall Path autonomy kit (A-kit). Proven, agnostic, trusted, and highly autonomous, PATH enables military vehicles to operate in unmanned mode, freeing up soldiers for other duties and keeping them out of danger. This A-kit provides a wide range of teleoperation options for Mission Master A-UGVs, including a tablet, smartwatch, soldier system, and single-hand controller.

These devices enable full access to advanced PATH features, such as follow-me, convoy, and autonomous navigation modes. Each control mode incorporates multiple layers of protection to ensure that the vehicle always operates safely. Moreover, Rheinmetall is committed to keeping a human in the loop in all kinetic operations, assuring that it is never a machine that decides when to open fire. PATH has an open, flexible architecture, meaning it will rapidly integrate first-hand innovations as artificial intelligence technologies evolve.

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