The Rheinmetall RX PRO Air purifier

Clean air in schools, hospitals and offices

The compact RHEINMETALL RX pro AIR PURIFIER is a mobile, low-noise filter and disinfection unit that purifies and decontaminates the air in schools, offices, cleanrooms and any indoor environment where bioaerosols like viruses, bacteria, pollen and particulate matter need to be reliably filtered out.

Fully assembled, the device is ready to operate immediately. The easy-to-use control unit allows ventilation adjustment as needed for nearly complete decontamination and filtration of the air.

Moreover, the device is designed for maximum ease of maintenance. Changing the filter is easy, with no tools required. The ventilation level in the air outlet grid on the upper side of the device can be adjusted in accordance with the desired air stream direction.

How do we do it?

Large amounts of air are sucked into an intake vent on the underside of the RHEINMETALL RX pro AIR PURIFIER device. The air then undergoes several stages of filtration before being released back into the room.

The device features highly efficient, high-performance HEPA filters (H13 or H14) of the kind used, for example, in operating rooms, intensive care units and laboratories. In line with DIN EN 1822, these filters effectively capture >99.95% (H13) and >99.995% (H14) of all particulate matter and bioaerosols (viruses, bacteria).

As an option, the RHEINMETALL RX pro AIR PURIFIER can conduct regular decontamination of the filters by means of non-thermal plasma-ionized air, which kills all viruses and bacteria.

IMPORTANT: No harmful ozone pollution for the environment through regular filter desinfection.
  • Healthier workforce thanks to effective filtering of bioaerosols in the air.
  • Significant energy cost savings.
  • Very quiet, compact design (560 x 460 x 1,060 mm).
  • Robust, tilt-proof and suitable for mounting on walls.
  • Designed for use in large rooms, e.g. in meeting rooms and offices.
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen operator interface.
  • Two-stage air filtering, air filtration only.
  • Fine dust pre-filter optimum HEPA filter life.
  • Optional filter decontamination using non-thermal plasma.
  • No filter heating, no disturbing odours.
Technical data
Prefilter F7 filter for coarse parcticles EN 779-2012
Main filter HEPA H13 DIN EN 1822 (HEPA H14 optionally available)
Ventilator / filter BLDC motor, fan propeller with backward curved blades
Lowest air flow 400 m3/h
Highest air flow with H13 filter 1.200 m3/h
Air flow direction from bottom to top
Filter exchange /saturation indicator 2 pressure switches, one per filter
Filter decontamination module optional non-thermal plasma (NTP) generator
NTP generator lifetime 14.000 Std.
Display 2.8” Touchscreen
Dimensions 560 x 460 x 1,060 mm (model on rollers)
560 x 425 x 950 mm (wall-mounted model)
Weight 65 kg
Power supply voltage 230 V / ~1 / 50 Hz
Typical power consumption 0,13 kW
Sound pressure level 230 m3/h - 1m Entfernung: 37 dB(A)
600 m3/h - 1m Entfernung: 50 dB(A)
1.200 m3/h - 1m Entfernung: 59 dB(A)
Certification CE-certified
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