Command and Control Software

Empowering operators with superior situational awareness

Rheinmetall revolutionizes field communications and slashes reaction times with new command and control software.

Given the rise of asymmetric threats targeting military and critical infrastructure, reinforcing your assets with actionable intelligence is a must. Rheinmetall is a leading supplier of command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, targeting, acquisition and reconnaissance (C4ISTAR) capabilities with its groundbreaking Rheinmetall Command and Control Software (RC2S). This software is fully integrated with the Vingtaqs II, the Fieldranger Multi weapon station, and the Argus soldier system – to name just a few – for optimized military operations.

Every second counts: Anticipate. Communicate. Take action faster.

Sensor Command and Control Planning Suite – SC2PS

A key tool for today’s network-enabled operations

The Sensor Command and Control Planning Suite (SC2PS) is a real-time, multi-sensor application to exploit data from soldier systems, ground-based sensor sources, tactical aerostats, and UAVs. SC2PS gives commanders a powerful tool for analysis, mission planning, and decision making. SC2PS data is both Multilateral Interoperability Program (MIP) compliant and Coalition Shared Data (CSD) compatible.

Key features

Control room - using the Rheinmetall Command and Control Software
  • Real-time sensor exploitation
  • Advanced sensor imagery analysis
  • Enhanced situational awareness
  • Sensor planning functions
  • One-step contact report generator
  • Information management tools
  • ISTAR connectivity

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