Trailblazer – Vehicle vision sensor

TRAILBLAZER improves driver and crew effectiveness by extending view beyond the daylight spectrum, even in adverse weather, obscured or low-light conditions.

Featuring very low-latency front and rear video camera units, it aids the driver in terrain negotiation, obstacle avoidance and route selection.

Independent wide-angle situational awareness channel outputs give crew and commander a powerful surveillance and threat detection capability.

Trailblazer is GVA compliant and has both digital and analogue variants making it easy to integrate on a wide range of platforms.

Trailblazer vehicle vision sensor
Trailblazer vehicle vision sensor
Kodiak equipped with the Trailblazer vehicle vision sensor
Kodiak equipped with the Trailblazer vehicle vision sensor
Features & applications

Key Features

  • Enhances operations in degraded visual environments
  • Dual-band: high-performance sensors and optics
  • Rheinmetall's Video Fusion technology maximises DRI
  • Conventional and/or networked video connectivity
  • Driver and local situational awareness channels
  • Easy to integrate – GVA and DEF STAN 00-082 compliant


TRAILBLAZER is designed for hatches down driving in tracked and wheeled armoured vehicles, where the field of view is typically restricted or degraded. Other specialist vehicles such as engineering or special operations platforms can also benefit.

Separate forward and reverse units provide total system effectiveness. DEF STAN 00-082 VIVOE Ethernet Interfaces make the system easy to integrate to a Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA) system, and native HD-SDI interfaces or analogue video outputs provide a closed circuits output for conventional vetronics fit-out. The network output also provides other users with independent Situational Awareness (SA) fields of view, minimising the need for separate SA sensors.

A variety for fields of view can be selected by all users; WIDE, DRIVING and SA (including ground), all presented flexibly as individual output channels, or via native picture-in-picture modes.

Now available in a range of variants offering users 90, 180 and 240 field of view and daylight and infrared only options.


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