TacNet – Tactical battle management system

Information superiority in military operations

TacNet is Rheinmetall’s tactical battle management system. Designed to meet the needs of fast-paced, high-mobility operations at the tactical level, it essentially functions as a command and weapon engagement system. TacNet harbours massive potential when it comes to information, command and control and fire superiority, ensuring that military commanders can always maintain the initiative.

TacNet provides a common operational picture shared by dismounted troops, tactical vehicles of all types and command posts. To secure successful outcomes, tactical units have to be able to move, shoot and communicate. A state-of-the-art command and weapon engagement system, TacNet supports these capabilities while simultaneously opening up new possibilities.

Ever since the late 1980s, Rheinmetall has been developing tactical command and weapon engagement systems for customers both at home and abroad. In multiple programmes, e.g. in tactical vehicles and soldier systems, our expertise and experience has resulted in significantly enhanced operational effectiveness. Nor does the effectiveness of our solutions end at the system interfaces – after all, it’s precisely in a “system of systems” that command and control and weapon engagement technology truly come into its own.


TacNet – Tactical Management System (BMS)
TacNet – Tactical Management System (BMS)


An advanced battle management system (BMS) for combat units ought to be able to provide capabilities that extend beyond those of ordinary command and information systems. In its BMS configuration, TacNet – in addition to standard situation maps – offers expanded sensor-effector network functions via standard interfaces such as the Generic Inter-Vehicle Gateway, or GIVG. Forward-looking standards like the NATO Generic Vehicle Architecture (NGVA) have already been included.

Automated integration of sensor, effector and logistics data is densified into a common operational picture, creating a tightly woven information net. TacNet stores and depicts this data, which is used first and foremost for facilitating target engagement. Reaction times from recognition to engagement of threat targets are significantly shorter, thus enhancing the effectiveness of friendly forces.

Normally speaking, data processing is limited by the constraints of human performance. TacNet uses advanced, intelligent algorithms to collect, track and disseminate information and prepare for action. This way, potential threats can be neutralized before the pose a serious risk.

In a manner that’s nothing short of revolutionary, TacNet brings together two different software systems in a single product family. TacNet incorporates a cross-sectional operator interface, thus expanding the software’s ranges of capabilities to include touchscreen commands. But there are also other means of entering commands, including control handles.

Modular system & versions

TacNet consists of a modularly designed joint software core. Deriving from this building block, versions for specific applications are available for the following users:

  • TacNet Soldier for mobile operations with mounted and dismounted forces
  • TacNet Vehicle for fast-paced operations, especially with combat vehicles
  • TacNet Command for mobile and stationary tactical operations centres
  • TacNet Rotary for use in helicopters for close air support
  • Compatible with other command systems thanks to open architecture
  • Interoperable due to the use of internationally recognized standards
  • Innovative because it takes NGVA and modern visualization into account
  • Integrative since it networks platforms, sensors and effectors
  • Free from the need for special communication infrastructure
  • Flexible due to app-based expansion possibilities
  • Scalable owing to a role-based suite of functions
  • Effective because it concentrates on the essentials
  • Efficient thanks to uniform operator interfaces at all levels
Further information
Rheinmetall's soldier system GLADIUS 2.0 – scalable, modular, flexible

Soldier system GLADIUS 2.0

The "Soldier" version of TacNet works as user interface for military leaders providing an overview of the current situation and is used for Rheinmetall's GLADIUS 2.0 soldier system.

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