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Digital Forces – Land operations

Our concept Digital Brigade

Interoperable network and digitisation give the edge in multi-domain operations (MDO). A real-time common operating picture, enables armed forces to act earlier, faster, autonomously and more precisely. Rheinmetall, an expert in digitalization and system integration with a vast network of partners, provides applications taking forces to the next level.

Superiority on the battlefield through digitalization – that is our common goal! 

The age of interoperability

Rheinmetall has created the model of a “Digital Brigade” to derive required capabilities from battlefield scenarios and demonstrate the benefits of digitisation. The concept is driven by real-world scenarios and the real needs of the users.

Based on a holistic view of military capabilities of command and control, reconnaissance, effects
and combat support and taking into account the latest hardware and software solutions, Rheinmetall is generating capability applications - “apps”. The Digital Brigade Demonstrator includes both production-ready systems and minimum viable products as well as new technologies to demonstrate operational benefits and the wide range of operational possibilities.

One technology for a thousand features
To bring these apps into our customers’ infrastructure, a key connecting technology is required: Tactical Core of partner blackned. This state-of-the-art middleware enables end-to-end encrypted access to the tactical information of a digitised brigade and is certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for handling NATO restricted data. By providing access to battle management system, sensor and effector data based on an open architecture, the Tactical Core can be seen as an app store for military platforms. Software libraries enable the creation of any new functions and applications.

Four of these amazing apps are shown here in more detail:

// Networking

APP Networking

The common information space allows us to improve the sensor-to-shooter chain on our platforms. Through the Tactical Core, this technology creates additional value by securely disseminating relevant data across all platforms. AI-based target identification and classification can be used to accelerate the sensor-to-shooter chain, even across multiple platforms.

Experience digital connectivity between soldiers and long-range fire support with Rheinmetall’s Panzerjäger: 

  • Interconnectivity between all domains, vendor-independent
  • Modularity: Integration of any hardware or software into your network
  • Always up to date with more comprehensive and better quality situational information – gain and share new features and capabilities
// Swarming / Unmanned Teaming

APP Swarming / Unmanned Teaming

Unmanned Controlled Technology, implemented in Rheinmetall’s great Mission Master and Luna NG, is extremely efficient in reconnaissance and combat, allowing users to conduct fully unmanned and flexible operations.

The Unmanned Control Service application is a middleware that provides functions such as mission control and tasking, target assignment and decision support to enhance all types of UxVs.

  • Operate autonomously and independently in any mission and terrain along defined routes
  • Easily cover greater distances without risk of capture
  • Faster and more accurate effects thanks to multiple applications
// Digital Twin

APP Digital Twin

With its Digital Twin technology, Rheinmetall offers a deeply and integrated solution for training the armed forces. Using the infrastructure and equipment in service with simulated environment, soldiers train the handling and procedures in a perfect way. Different possibilities of virtual and augmented reality features are implemented. Best training for troops by train as they fight!

  • Process & logistics optimization and automation for a better mission performance
  • Benefit from experiences & standards of other forces and domains
  • Staying focused: Routined and proven actions in any situation
// Force Deployment

APP Force Deployment

Artificial intelligence supports and accelerates the decision-making process for military operations. This particular technology enables military commanders to react immediately to operational changes. By analyzing geo data and the monitored situation on the battlefield, the system automatically provides positions to achieve the mission objective and to eliminate potential risks. Command selects according the strategic approach and hand over information directly to his team.

  • Accelerate decision making process through AI
  • Respond immediately to operational changes and reduce operational risks
  • Share positions in real time to achieve your mission objectives as quickly as possible
Digitisation needs security


Security net of modern warfare

The digitisation of the armed forces is crucial for leading in modern warfare. However, this transformation also increases exposure to cyber threats.

Rheinmetall’s IoT Operating System effectively hardens IT systems, enhancing security and mitigating vulnerabilities to ensure robust and reliable defence capabilities.
  • Your systems are protected from cyber-attacks, malicious code, and improper use, ensuring compliance and enhanced security across all operations
  • Classified data (VS-NfD, EU RESTRICTED, and NATO RESTRICTED) will be encrypted
  • Our protocols comply with the guidelines of major security organizations like the Center for Internet Security (CIS), the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), Bundeswehr, and BSI IT Grundschutz

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