Extensive protection from a single source

Rheinmetall helps to protect human life with numerous products from its existing portfolio. The range we offer includes a wide selection of personal protective equipment as well as solutions for civil protection.

Combatting the coronavirus

Since the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rheinmetall has been supplying personal protective equipment to government agencies in Germany to counteract the urgent shortage of PPE material. In the efforts to combat the pandemic, we want to make a contribution to our country and society. In this context we have started to mobilise our established international network of Rheinmetall companies and suppliers, and have steadily expanded our product range.

We protect those who protect us

We are anxious to protect those who protect us: doctors, nurses and medical teams – and everyone who is there for us when we need help. This applies to both the civil and military sphere.

Tapping into production sources via a global network

Thanks to its global reach and presence in over thirty countries, including China, Rheinmetall has a powerful industrial network and ready access to reliable suppliers for products that meet the most stringent medical standards. Logistical and technical challenges have been overcome thanks to close cooperation within the Rheinmetall Group and with our suppliers.

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