Manufacturing Center Oberndorf

Rheinmetall Waffe Munition GmbH operates the Manufacturing Center Oberndorf.

Manufacturing processes in our company are done with high-performance machinery. Milling, turning, eroding, grinding, measuring and other processes are done with CNC-programmed and conventional machines. Raw material is handled in own storehouse and can be prepared for part manufacturing via existing sawing devices. Beside cleaning machines, hardening- and surface treatment machinery is available for hardening, phosphate treatment and bronzing.



As our quality standards are very high we have own measuring- and testing devices as well as a material testing laboratory. Of course, our company is certified according to DIN ISO 9001. We are also specialised in the manufacturing and assembling of complex parts and components with close tolerances.

Core Competencies

  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Grinding
  • Eroding
  • Measuring
  • Surface treatment
  • Heat treatment
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