Protection systems for land vehicles

Rheinmetall offers a wide range of high-effective active and passive protection solutions coupled with soft-kill systems to protect vehicles.

Rapid protection against a wide spectrum of enemy sensors and sight is one of the most important requirements in modern military missions. Being stopped by a barrier, crossing a street in urban combat or being threatened by snipers are examples of situations where spontaneous invisibility can substantially increase the survivability.

Rheinmetall provides smoke grenades to protect soldiers, small units and combat vehicles as well as multispectral and visual smoke projectiles for the employment of area smoke on the enemy area by artillery and mortars to protect larger units and military installations.

Furthermore Rheinmetall develops passive system solutions by applying the latest modular composite technologies for protecting from ballistic threats, for mine protection, IED protection, signature protection, protection from shaped charges and protection for military operations in built-up terrain.

With its new hybrid protection approach Rheinmetall combines active soft-kill and hard-kill technologies with passive protection. As protection system vendor the unit Protection System offers unique 360-degree protection solutions which have so far barely been represented on the market in this cross-product business constellation.

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Hybrid protection: The system vendor Rheinmetall Protection Systems develops state-of-the art protection solutions, combining active soft-kill and hard-kill technologies with passive protection systems.
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