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Hybrid protection – The interaction of active and passive protection

Hybrid protection is the latest protection technology, which goes beyond classic systems. The protection consists of active soft-kill and hard-kill technologies and combines them with passive protection solutions. Rheinmetall offers hybrid protection technologies from a system vendor, Rheinmetall Protection Systems GmbH (RPS). Development, integration, production and after-sales services of passive and active protection technologies are controlled via RPS. With its comprehensive components as a protection system vendor, Rheinmetall offers unique 360-degree protection solutions that have so far barely been represented on the market in this cross-product business constellation.
Possibilities of hybrid protection using the protected Boxer platform as an example
As an armoured transport vehicle, the Boxer has a modular design and thus enables a variety of mission-specific variants.
The protected armoured transport vehicle Boxer

In the future, the composition of a hybrid protection from RPS could look like this


Equipped with the dynamic smoke protection system ROSY (Rapid Obscuring System) , the Boxer has all-round protection. Thanks to a sensor ROSY can react autonomously and without recharging, either when the vehicle is stationary or in motion.

Active hard-kill

One of the latest and most powerful systems of its kind in the world is the Active Defence System ADS , which detects ballistic threats from the shortest possible distance and then fights the approaching objects extremely quickly.

Passive protection technologies easily combined with active protection

Protective attachments for various threats serve as passive defence. Rheinmetall produces protection components for land, air and sea.

With the example of the Boxer, several protection technologies can be combined in the future. Rheinmetall's passive protection materials against various types of threat are combined in terms of performance with ADS, for example, and supplemented by the autonomous ROSY smoke protection system.

This is possible because, for the first time, all available protection technologies are combined in one system vendor and are developed and produced under one roof. The integration of active protection components, here particularly the ADS, into passive protection is thus optimally coordinated. As a result, the hybrid protection is lighter and more powerful.

About Rheinmetall Protection Systems GmbH

RPS is an independent protection provider with a worldwide customer base and subsidiaries in Germany and abroad.


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