Energy Simulation

Domain expertise

Rheinmetall has been in the energy simulation market since 1986 and, with over 35 years of experience in nuclear, coal and fossil-fired power plants, has been active in the oil & gas industry since 2015.

The main domains of the Energy Simulation Group are:

  • Nuclear and fossil-fired power plants
  • Oil & gas: downstream, midstream and upstream
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Hydrogen

Thanks to our experience in simulation and training centers a wide range of fields, including flight, naval, live, transportation, land, cyber and energy applications, we have been able to create our own digital learning and digital operation support concepts.

Four pillars are fully customized to our customers’ needs and processes:


1. Competency-based e-learning platform

  • used to identify the technical knowledge gaps
  •  reinforce concepts and principles by means of training.

2. Intelligent simulator systems
  • based on Rheinmetall simulation methods
  • used to operate virtual or partial assets under normal or abnormal conditions
  • strengthen process understanding

3. German-made scale models
  • complement the learning concept
  • give the touch and feel of the real process

4. Digital twin
  • Full replica simulation of your asset 
  • 3D-VR visualization
  • Real and simulated data together in one place
  • Unified data integration with OPC-UA
  • Easy access to our applications with any device
  • Enterprise tool for multidisciplinary teams
  • Operation and maintenance prediction algorithms
All the systems can be cloud-based and are supported by the simulation platform INVIDES, which is the result of over 30 years of intelligent simulation.

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