Unmanned Baggage Handler

Safer and faster luggage emergency response at airline terminals

Risk of suspect baggage
In 2018, more than 70 million airline passengers and nearly 45 million bags were screened by the Transportation Security Administration in the United States, and on a global scale, the International Civil Aviation Organization mandates that every piece of luggage must be screened. With so many travelers and bags passing through airports near and far, emergency measures that prioritize staff and passenger safety in the event of an incident are absolutely essential.
Rheinmetall Unmanned Baggage Handler
Rheinmetall Unmanned Baggage Handler
One such incident is the detection of suspicious luggage. On top of minimizing risk to personnel and bystanders, airports must also consider the financial ramifications associated with this type of event. Suspect baggage emergencies can last for hours on end, causing losses that are often denominated in millions. They can also lead to complicated evacuations, flight cancellations, and looming delays that greatly inconvenience thousands of passengers. It is therefore critical for every airport to address baggage threats as quickly as possible without endangering a single human being.
Safe solution
The Unmanned Baggage Handler developed by Provectus Robotics Solutions, a Rheinmetall subsidiary, is the fastest and safest way to remove suspect bags from airline terminals. Its remote operating capabilities keep airport staff and passengers at a safe distance, transporting suspect baggage away from the terminal so it can be inspected and neutralized by bomb disposal experts. This rugged vehicle can operate rain or shine, and can even traverse snow to a depth of 23cm (9in). Equipped with LED floodlights and HD cameras, it can get the job done day or night and ensure crystal-clear environmental data intake.

Features and benefits

  • Autonomous and teleoperated modes powered by advanced robotic intelligence system
  • Integrated control software facilitates smart evacuation and faster resolution
  • All-weather, all-terrain: can operate in harsh climate conditions
  • Smart battery charger (onboard or standalone)
  • Land speed of up to 20km/h to transport suspicious luggage away in record time
  • HD wide-angle cameras for maximum situational awareness
  • High-intensity LED floodlights for 24/7 service
  • Endless future possibilities
  • Demonstrated effectiveness and proven results
Rheinmetall Unmanned Baggage Handler
Quebec City’s airport (YQB) owns and operates an Unmanned Baggage Handler since 2013.
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