Ombudsman: independent, external Contact Person

The ombudsman protects the identity of a whistleblower through his obligation of secrecy as a lawyer. The identity of the whistleblower will only be disclosed to the investigating bodies of the company upon request and with the express consent of the whistleblower. A professional infrastructure and clearly defined processes from receipt to processing of a report ensure that all reports are processed quickly.

Rheinmetall AG has appointed the Frankfurt lawyer Dr. Rainer Buchert as ombudsman of the Group and its subsidiaries. He serves all Rheinmetall employees worldwide as an external contact point for compliance violations.

In Dr. Rainer Buchert, Rheinmetall has been able to secure the services of an experienced and internationally renowned lawyer for the function of ombudsman. For many years, he has assumed this role for renowned large and medium-sized companies. These currently include Volkswagen AG, Lufthansa AG, Diehl Group, Schott AG, STADA AG, Heraeus GmbH, Karstadt Warenhaus GmbH and the OTTO Group.

Whistleblower platform

If you would like to give a confidential note or transfer encrypted information, please use this online contact form. By using the contact form a high IT security standard is guaranteed in the communication between you as whistleblower and the ombudsman.

Direct contact

If you wish to address the ombudsman (lawyer of confidence) personally, you will be put through to him in his office without further inquiry. You can also reach him directly by telephone or e-mail.

Dr. Buchert und Partner
Bleidenstraße 1
60311 Frankfurt am Main
Tel: +49 69 710 33 330 (Kanzlei)
Tel: +49 6105 921 355 (direkte Durchwahl)
Fax: +49 69 710 34 444

If you are unsure how to evaluate facts or observations, Dr. Buchert will be happy to advise you in German and English.

This also applies if you fear that you have made yourself liable to prosecution. Even then, confidentiality is guaranteed. In no case will you incur any costs.

Please understand, however, that our ombudsman is not a complaints office and cannot be a box of grievances. Complaints are neither processed nor forwarded by him.

  • Dr. Buchert und Partner

    Bleidenstra├če 1
    60311 Frankfurt am Main
    Phone: +49 69 710 33 330 (Kanzlei)
    Fax: +49 69 710 34 444