Sustainable supply chain management

Our commitment to sustainability

Sustainability and transparency in the supply chain are of great importance to Rheinmetall. This includes, in particular, compliance with environmental and social standards in the supplier network. A defined process for Rheinmetall's due diligence obligations anchors our responsibility for the supplier network in all relevant areas.

Through joint commitment with our partners, good working conditions, careful use of resources and environmentally friendly business practices, we are shaping a sustainable and therefore successful future for our companies.

Overall, Rheinmetall Purchasing stands for responsible procurement and cooperation with our suppliers in order to shape a sustainable future.

Our sustainability strategy and goals

In order to fulfil its duty of care, Rheinmetall analyses sustainability risks in the supplier base in a structured and multi-phase process to evaluate information in the categories Environment, Social, Governance (ESG).

If risks are identified, our suppliers are requested to further develop their sustainability performance with appropriate measures. We have included specifications on social and environmental standards in supplier development.

Rheinmetall uses the web-based platform of an independent, renowned service provider - EcoVadis - to assess sustainability risks in the supplier base.

Rheinmetall is also actively committed to reducing CO2 emissions (net zero by 2035) and is actively looking for ways to minimise its environmental impact. We also expect our suppliers to have a strong focus on reducing CO2 emissions and to work with us on environmentally friendly solutions.



  • Energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Water
  • Biodiversity
  • Local pollution
  • Materials, chemicals and waste
  • Product use
  • Product shelf life
  • Environmental services and advocacy

Labour and human rights

  • Health and safety of employees
  • Working conditions
  • Social dialogue
  • Career management and training
  • Child labour, forced labour and human trafficking
  • Diversity, discrimination and harassment


  • Corruption
  • Anti-Trust
  • Responsible information management

Sustainable procurement

  • Environmental practices of suppliers
  • Social practices of suppliers

Our expectations towards suppliers

As a globally active company, Rheinmetall attaches great importance to working with suppliers who share our values. We expect not only the highest quality and efficiency from our partners, but also a clear focus on sustainability. This means that suppliers are obliged to minimise their environmental impact, comply with social standards and promote transparent business practices.

Thank you for your interest in Rheinmetall and our joint endeavours towards a sustainable future.

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