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Protection is our mission

The protection of people and critical assets from hostile actions requires the use of high-performance surveillance and security systems. Tailored to meet the customer’s operational requirements, our unique security and surveillance solutions provide the oil and gas industry with innovative and competitive products and services. From thorough analysis to installation and 24/7 after-sales support, Rheinmetall Canada’s security and surveillance solutions can prevent undesirable losses. Our solutions enhance decision-making and shorten reaction times.

Proven solutions to counter emerging threats of today and tomorrow.

Operating safe and steady


The oil and gas sector is striving to have safe, secure, and peaceful working environments, but this is somehow jeopardized when operating in regions where terrorist and criminal activity is a serious threat. During construction and operations, the adequate protection of people, equipment, and infrastructures is paramount. The selection and integration of the right security equipment prevents the waste of money and minimizes the possible loss of lives, material, and production.

Rheinmetall Canada, a leader in security and surveillance solutions, has a strong experience in system integration. Its dedicated team of experts proposes an in-depth process for designing, implementing, and operating your security and surveillance solution.

By working with Rheinmetall Canada, you will be significantly improving your security track record.

Our turnkey solutions

  • Wide and long-range surveillance
  • Threat detection and identification
  • Integrated control room
  • Full integration of all types of sensors
  • 24/7 after-sales support

Our project management

A high-performance surveillance and security systems proposes an optimized project cycle. Rheinmetall Canada is your partner, covering the complete process chain from the project concept to realization and in-service support:

Study and analysis

  • Threat and terrain analysis
  • Environmental conditions
  • Intervention forces
  • Existing infrastructures and security systems

Statement of work

  • Adapting to constraints
  • Establishing the requirements and work share


  • Final design review
  • System delivery and installation
  • Test and validation

Design and development

  • Planning and coverage simulations
  • Sensors and platforms
  • Communication and networking
  • Power management
  • Protecting infrastructure



1. Detect

  • Radars
  • Sonars
  • Microwave barriers
  • Distributed acoustic ground sensors
  • Sensing on fiber optics
  • Video motion detection algorithms

2. Identify

  • Long-range electro-optic daylight/infrared sensors
  • Day/night CCTV
  • Laser-gated infrared sensors

3. Communicate

  • Transfer of visual media data
  • Threat information
  • Security system application installed either on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone

4. Track

Tracking is achieved by using the detection, identification, and communication equipment adequately.


5. Intervene

A concise intervention procedure is crucial to prevent any criminal activity on protected assets.

In-service support & after sales services

  • Training
  • Technical publications
  • Maintenance
  • Technical support
  • Security solution upgrade
  • On site support
  • 24/7 hotline

Proven solutions

The protection of critical assets from hostile actions requires the use of persistent surveillance to provide sufficient time for resources to react.

Rheinmetall Canada's security and surveillance solutions provide wide-area, long range observation capabilities for the detection, identification, and monitoring of potential threats against any critical infrastructure. Originally developed for military surveillance, these solutions have a proven record, being in service in Central Asia, the Middle East, and North America for commercial and military customers.

Proven solutions to counter emerging threats of today and tomorrow.

Persistent long-range surveillance providing optimal coverage depending on factors such as the site size, geography, and local weather conditions.
Dauerhafte Fernüberwachung mit optimaler Abdeckung in Abhängigkeit von Faktoren wie der Größe des Standorts, der Geografie und den örtlichen Wetterbedingungen.

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