A look over the shoulder "On site in Kassel"

Career prospects in our centre of excellence for wheeled tactical vehicles

The German city of Kassel is home to Rheinmetall’s centre of excellence for wheeled tactical vehicles, whose expertise extends from development and prototyping to full-scale series production and logistical support throughout the product entire lifecycle.

State-of-the-art wheeled tactical systems roll off the assembly lines at the Kassel-Mittelfeld industrial park – destined for the German Bundeswehr as well as the armed forces of friendly nations and partners like the Netherlands, Lithuania, Australia and the United Kingdom.

We took a look over the shoulders of some of our colleagues.

"In our Kassel centre of excellence for tactical wheeled and tracked vehicles, we offer interesting career prospects – right in the heart of Europe."
Johannes Heerdt

Head of Operations

Johannes Heerdt is Head of Operations in Kassel. In this interview, he tells us what his day-to-day work is like and what challenges it brings.

What do you deal with in your daily work?

My day is filled with routine meetings around all current and planned projects in production. We have a large variety of highly different orders that are handled simultaneously. Therefore, we are always faced with new challenges - it definitely never gets boring.

I am also responsible for everything that involves modernising and constructing buildings, renting or leasing production, warehouse and office space, and complying with official requirements. Dealing with unexpected situations, such as the recent pandemic at the site, is of course also part of the job. I also keep in touch with the other Rheinmetall branches and am the contact person for almost all matters relating to the Kassel site. In summary, I can say that my job is extremely varied. In the morning, I check the calendar - and in the end, the day can turn out completely different than planned. But that's good. Because I am a person who likes change and new challenges.

How did your path lead you to Rheinmetall and to your current position?
What do you think makes the Kassel location special and unique?
Why do you like coming to work in the morning, what motivates you?
What challenges do you see for the Kassel location?
What are you and the staff proud of?
What is your personal advice for applicants?
How are the Rheinmetall corporate values of respect, trust and openness reflected in your everyday work?
And on a personal level? "Passion for Technology" is part of our everyday working life at Rheinmetall. Do you have a private passion that you would like to share with us?

Versatile and competent

More than 1,000 employees currently work at the Kassel site. They all contribute to Rheinmetall’s success with their individual areas of work. The following employees have given us a deeper insight into their day-to-day work.

Insights. Very personal.

A good job. But there's so much more that excites our colleagues in person at Rheinmetall in Kassel.

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Division Vehicle Systems – further insights
Rheinmetall Landsysteme GmbH is part of the Vehicle Systems division. The Vehicle Systems division offers a field-proven and versatile vehicle portfolio on wheels and tracks. This includes combat, support, logistics and special vehicles and is constantly evolving. The division is divided into the following business units: Tactical Vehicles and Logistic Vehicles. Sensors, guidance systems, protection technologies and effectors from the partner divisions turn Rheinmetall's wheeled and tracked vehicles into highly effective systems.
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