Data Protection

The protection of your personal data and compliance with the applicable data protection regulations are important to us. The GDPR protects the fundamental rights and freedoms of natural persons and in particular their right to protection of their personal data. The fundamental right to informational self-determination guarantees the power of the individual to determine himself in principle about the disclosure and the use of his data. The Rheinmetall Group measures great importance to the protection of the privacy of its employees and business partners as well as a trusting cooperation with them. The Rheinmetall Group fully complies with the requirements of data protection laws (epsacialy EU GDPR and BDSG).

Data protection management is firmly anchored in the company organization and where required by law, company data protection officers are named. The data protection principles are adhered to worldwide by the Rheinmetall Group in order to ensure an appropriate level of data protection. This is achieved by group-wide guidelines and company-specific policies. All employees who have access to personal data are required to maintain confidentiality in dealing with these data and receive regular training. Service providers who deal with personal data are carefully reviewed, selected and required to comply with data protection principles by means of suitable contractual agreements.
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