Purchasing program

Our global purchasing program is considering the following key commodities:

Aluminium Parts

Aluminium Komponenten

  • Out of alloys like EN AC-47100 / AISi12(Cu), EN AC-46000 / AISi9Cu3 and EN AC-43400 / AlSi10
  • Engine compartment components such as  ETC / EGR housings or various pump housings
  • Part weight between 200 grams and 1000 grams
  • Technology: high pressure die casting and gravity casting
  • Secondary operations like machining and leak testing

Plastic & Hybrid Parts

  • Out of PPS, PBT, PA66 and other resins
  • Hybrid parts (plastic parts with lead frames and electronics such as sensors or PCBs)
  • Plastic part assemblies such as vacuum actuators or suction connectors for vacuum pumps
  • Gear wheels
  • Impellers

Electronic Parts

  • Passive electrical components:  Chokes, capacitors, resistors, diodes, heating elements (PTCs) and load resistors
  • Electronic modules: assembled PCB's (flex and rigid), thickfilm hybrids, DBC power modules (Direct Bonded Copper - substrates)
  • Sensors for movement, temperature, pressure, flow
  • ASICs, ASSPs and Microprocessors  (Application Specific Integrated Circuit,  Application Specific Standard Products)
  • Brush cards for DC – motors: assembled with chokes, circuit braker, capacitors, contact - elements and brushes


  • PA 66 overmoulded coil body pre assemblies consisting out of
  • Copper wound PA 6 coil bodies
  • Electrical components (resistors, NTCs or diodes)
  • Ferromagnetic circuit
  • Turned parts

Sintered Parts

  • Gears and gear modules
  • Pulleys
  • Pump components e.g. setting rings, vanes and rotors
  • Secondary operations, e.g. mechanical processing, heat / surface treatments

Stamping & Deep Drawing Parts

  • Out of cold or hot rolled coil steel, stainless steel, electrical steel, aluminum, other alloys
  • Brackets
  • Flaps (e.g. for throttle bodies)
  • Interlocked lamination stacks
  • Deep drawn housings
  • Pulleys
  • Covers for pumps
  • Vanes

Turned Parts

  • Out of machining- / stainless steel, alloyed or carbon steels, brass
  • Diameter between 2 and 25mm
  • Technology: Single/multiple spindle, as well as rotary transfer and milling
  • Secondary operations like grinding, polishing, additional treatments (coating, hardening)

DC motors

  • Used for main applications such as EGR and ETC
  • Outer Diameter: 28 to 31mm
  • Length: 42 to 54mm
  • Torque: 13 to 22 (mNm)
  • EMC protectio
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