Electronic systems from Rheinmetall Canada 

The capability to design and develop electronic systems and related software for various defence and commercial systems is a company success story. Rheinmetall Canada’s electronic systems are used in domains such as C-IED, soldier systems, battle management, training and simulation, and homeland security to name a few. Canada, the United States, the Netherlands, and severall other allies benefit from the company’s innovative and unique solutions for mission-critical defence or homeland security needs. Rheinmetall Canada competencies in electronic systems include:

  1. System analysis, design, integration, test, and qualification
  2. Subsystems integration and qualification
  3. BMC4I software design and integration:
    • Sensor/video integration and processing
  4. Electronics design:
    • Single board computers
    • Customized interfacing
  5. Command and control software design and integration

Argus soldier system

The Argus soldier system is the preferred solution by the Canadian Armed Forces, and was contracted for the Canadian Forces’ Integrated Soldier System Project (ISSP). As a recognized industry leader in this field Rheinmetall Canada is currently involved in several soldier system programs.

An outstanding soldier system for improved situational awareness

Rheinmetall Canada’s Argus soldier system uses specialized BMC4I software to provide a common operating picture with important mission information, such as friendly positions, enemy positions, and terrain overlaid on tactical maps. Voice and data are rapidly exchanged between soldiers and their commander, resulting in an overall increase in team mobility, lethality, sustainability, and interoperability. Wearable electronics are ergonomic and reduced to a minimum. The easy-to-use interface ensures that soldiers remain focused on the mission.


PSS – Persistent Surveillance System


​​​​Protection of critical assets

Rheinmetall’s innovative and operationally proven Persistent Surveillance System (PSS) provides the user effective and intelligent surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities. PSS enhances situational awareness, reducing critical decisionmaking time based on real-time information. Highly mobile and easily deployed, the PSS offers an unsurpassed protection above areas at risk and is ideal for tactical surveillance applications for military, border, coastal, and energy sectors, as well as for public security.

Command and Control Software


Empowering operators with superior situational awareness

Given the rise of asymmetric threats targeting military and critical infrastructure, reinforcing your assets with actionable intelligence is a must. Rheinmetall is a leading supplier of command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, targeting, acquisition and reconnaissance (C4ISTAR) capabilities with its groundbreaking Rheinmetall Command and Control Software (RC2S). This software is fully integrated with the Vingtaqs II, the Fieldranger Multi weapon station, and the Argus soldier system – to name just a few – for optimized military operations.

Simulation and training
The effective and safe operation of high-tech systems and platforms require well trained people. Rheinmetall's expertise in the field of military simulation technology encompasses virtually every training task relating to weapons and command and control systems.

MESO trainer

For the Canadian Navy, Rheinmetall Canada is supplying the Marine Engineering System Operator (MESO) trainer for the KINGSTON Class of maritime coastal defence vessels. The MESO trainer significantly enhances the Navy’s ability to train engineering personnel, which is a critical factor in vessel operational availability.

ADOS – Air Defence Operations Simulator

The Air Defence Operations Simulator (ADOS) is a simulation and training system developed by Rheinmetall Canada using COTS simulation tools. The ADOS provides the Royal Netherlands Army’s Advanced Ground Based Air Defence System (AGBADS) operators with a classroom-type training system and an air defence operations research tool.

The effective and safe operation of high-tech systems and platforms requires well trained people. With an experience of more than 40 years the Rheinmetall Group offers a broad range of simulations and training solutions for military and civil users.

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LVCTS – Land Vehicle Crew Training System

Rheinmetall is teaming up with Lockheed Martin in pursuit of the Canadian Army’s Land Vehicle Crew Training System (LVCTS) project.

Rheinmetall Canada takes the lead in a partnership that includes Lockheed Martin Canada, Rheinmetall Electronics of Bremen, Germany, and Lockheed Martin Training and Logistics Solutions in Orlando, Florida. The team named FORC3 offers the Canadian Army a solution for the LVCTS project that is mature, modular, and cost effective, while ensuring high-value economic benefits to Canada. The name FORC3 is all about promoting a partnership between Rheinmetall, Lockheed Martin, and the Department of National Defence, united through excellence to enable training for adaptive disperse operations.

FORC3 has secured the domestic capabilities to build and operate five state-of-the-art LVCTS simulation centres across the country. Those custom-built simulation centres will enable progressive training at the individual, crew, platoon, and higher echelon levels using high-fidelity trainers, medium-fidelity reconfigurable trainers and standard trainee workstations combined with a robust virtual environment and comprehensive instructional system.

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