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The focus of Rheinmetall Hungary Zrt., based in Zalaegerszeg, is on the development and production of state-of-the-art tracked and wheeled vehicles for the Hungarian armed forces, in particular the new Lynx infantry fighting vehicle.

Rheinmetall plays an important role in Hungary's "Zrínyi 2026" initiative, which focuses on modern equipment for the national armed forces and envisages local production.

As part of this programme, Rheinmetall, as a systems house for technology and security, has been commissioned by the Hungarian Ministry of Defence to supply tracked vehicles and related services.

Rheinmetall intends to serve Hungary as a domestic market with domestic production in the future. As a result, a new, modern development, production and extensively equipped test centre is being built on an area of around 33 hectares in Komitat Zala. About 350 jobs are expected to be created in Zalaegerszeg within the next few years.

Supply of tracked vehicles and related services

The contract comprises 209 Lynx KF41 infantry fighting vehicles in 7 variants, 18 support vehicles including the Bergepanzer 3 Büffel/Buffalo armoured recovery vehicle and 38 military trucks. The contract also includes other services such as simulators, education and training, as well as an initial supply of spare parts and maintenance services. Over the expected decades of use of the Lynx, spare parts will be required and maintenance will be necessary to keep the vehicles operational.

In a first production phase, Hungary is to receive 46 Lynx in the infantry fighting vehicle and command & control configurations, and 9 Bergepanzer 3 Büffel/Buffalo armoured recovery vehicles from German production, with deliveries to be completed by early 2023. In a second phase, 172 more Lynx and support vehicles are then to be produced or delivered in Hungary in a joint venture with a domestic partner.

Systems & Products

Rheinmetall is one of Europe's leading suppliers of armoured tracked vehicle systems in all weight classes, including Rheinmetall’s newly developed Lynx infantry fighting vehicle and the new main battle tank Panther KF51. 
Lynx KF41 – Move. Sense. Strike.
In the new factory in Zalaegerszeg, Rheinmetall Hungary produces the Lynx infantry fighting vehicle.
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The Hungarian government has joined forces with Rheinmetall to develop the Panther KF51 through to production maturity. 
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