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Comprehensive support solutions

More than 20 years of deployed operations

Rheinmetall has been a reliable provider of military support solutions in the field since 1999. After its initial entry into maintenance support for Germany's KFOR mission, Rheinmetall expanded its range of services to include logistics, accommodation, catering and laundry.

The company soon received requests from allied forces for even more services. In 2009, the Bundeswehr commissioned Rheinmetall to operate the newly created Heron1 Uncrewed Aerial Vehicle (UAV) from Israel Aerospace Industries.

Based on this experience and its high level of performance, Rheinmetall was awarded a framework contract to host the German troops in 2021.

Rheinmetall Mobile Systeme, a globally recognised full-service provider for the integration of medical technology in tent or shelter-based field hospitals and other environments, will now complete the logistics and service offering.

Full range of real-life support solutions

Real-life support consists of all the services necessary to operate a military camp. These include catering, accommodation, water and energy supply, laundry services and waste management, transport and administration, and other amenities that enable a field camp’s function.

Rheinmetall provides a full range of real-life support services to military partners worldwide, with each solution fully customized to the client.

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