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Since 1999, Rheinmetall has been a trusted provider of camp services to armed forces around the world.

Camp construction

Rheinmetall executes the planning, manufacturing, delivery (by sea/land/air if required) and construction as well as optional multi-year autonomous operation and subsequent optional dismantling of customer-specific field camps and operational sites worldwide.

Rheinmetall Project Solutions – camp construction
Rheinmetall Project Solutions – camp construction
Camp services
Examples of mobile hospitals and field hospitals
Examples of mobile hospitals and field hospitals

Operational support includes all the services required to run a field camp. This includes catering, accommodation, water and energy supply, laundry and waste disposal, transport and administration as well as other facilities required for the operation of an encampment.

Rheinmetall provides a wide range of mission support products for its customers worldwide, each solution is customised to meet the specific needs of the customer.

Airfield support

Rheinmetall’s airfield ramp support includes fuel services, transportation, and aircraft loading and unloading. In addition Rheinmetall is able to support its clients with fixed-wing and rotary-wing airlift capabilities.

Camp protection

Rheinmetall offers several options for field camp protection, including sensors and effectors. For surveillance, the company recommends its surveillance balloon PSS.

These fully customised solutions can be strategic or tactical, depending on the customer's operational needs.

Mobile systems

With its extensive experience and leading-edge production capabilities, Rheinmetall delivers high-quality, globally trusted shelter systems as well as tent and modular structure solutions.


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