Turbine-powered Air Start Units (ASU)

For commercial and military purposes

Rheinmetall manufactures Air Start Units (ASU) for commercial and military purposes to start all main engines of today's and tomorrows generation of aircraft up to the most demanding B777-300ER and A380.

The Rheinmetall MSU family of ASUs has proven its reliability since 1996.
Rheinmetall eMSU

The first fully electric ASU on the market

The Rheinmetall eMSU allows for carbon-free engine starts and reduction in overall ground operation emissions. It is powered by lithium-ion battery packs that ensure maximum running time and minimal energy loss. The eMSU requires very low maintenance and is designed to thrive in harsh conditions. This fully electric air start unit requires no warm-up or cool-down phase. It is the greenest ASU solution on the market.

Rheinmetall eMSU-GP electric air start unit
Rheinmetall MSU 200/400

The turbine-powered air start unit

The only turbine-powered ASU on the market, the Rheinmetall MSU keeps commercial aircraft running on time. Designed to be reliable and versatile, the Rheinmetall MSU is powered by gas turbine engines that are unique in their class. Proven across the globe in any climate conditions, the MSU is also remarkably easy to operate and store with its compact size.

The MSU has a service life of over 20 years and is virtually maintenance free. With a short runtime of only 6 minutes per start and no need for a cool-down phase, fuel consumption is minimal.
Rheinmetall MSU 200/400 air start unit
Rheinmetall MSU 200/400 air start unit
MSU 200/400
Rheinmetall MSU-GP 200T

The air start unit with integrated ground power

The Rheinmetall MSU-GP 200T is an ASU that is built with integrated ground power — the only one of its kind. Alike the MSU, it is lighter to deploy and more compact than a diesel engine unit. Air transportable and proven around the globe even in extreme weather environments, the MSU-GP 200T delivers. Additionally, its integrated ground power means 2-for-1: it saves critical space with both a bleed air and electrical power supply in a single unit, while improving cost effectiveness. This ASU offers an adaptable design to meet the user’s specific requirements. Currently in use by the German Air Force, the MSU-GP 200T is the air start unit of choice for their Eurofighter aircraft.
Rheinmetall MSU-GP 200T air start unit with Eurofighter
Rheinmetall MSU-GP 200T air start unit
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