Chassis springs - Rheinmetall Fiber Suspension

Lightweight chassis springs made from glass fibre

The lightweight glass fibre chassis springs from Rheinmetall, which are unique worldwide, have the potential to replace steel springs in state-of-the-art vehicle manufacturing in the future.

Benefits of glass fibre springs:
  • Up to 75% lighter compared to conventional steel springs*
  • Freedom of shaping/progressive spring design, roll/pitch stability
  • No corrosion
  • Material has high inherent damping properties
  • Integrity incl. emergency running properties – it is possible to continue driving
  • Fits into the installation space of the standard springs

* Unsprung mass

“The following applies as a general rule in vehicle manufacturing: the lower the mass of the unsprung components, the better the driving characteristics of a vehicle. Furthermore, the topic of lightweight design, along with CO2 reduction, is the main driver for development departments focussing on vehicle concepts of the future. With its world first in the area of chassis springs, Rheinmetall is setting new standards!”
Ralf Buschbeck

CTO Materials and Trade, Rheinmetall

The first vehicle manufacturers are already using the glass fibre springs from Rheinmetall. You can find an initial selection of product presentations here:

Rheinmetall Fiber Suspension - Fully Charged Show

Host Jack Scarlett was on the spot at an OEM vehicle presentation and scrutinised it for the YouTube channel “Fully Charged Show”. He seemed to be more than impressed by the new Rheinmetall Fiber Suspension (glass fibre springs).

Rheinmetall Fiber Suspension - Car Maniac

The YouTube channel “Car Maniac” has also dedicated a video to the technological concept vehicle of an OEM, showing exclusive insights into the glass fibre springs from Rheinmetall.
Chassis springs
The task of chassis springs is to carry the bodywork and compensate for unevenness in road surfaces. They ensure that the wheels are in firm contact with the ground.

Springs are therefore some of the most safety-critical components in state-of-the-art vehicle manufacturing. They affect the road holding, the handling and, last but not least, braking behaviour.

Vehicle springs are part of the “unsprung mass” of a vehicle; other components included in this group are tyres, rims, brakes, in some cases wheel bearings, stabilisers, etc.
Contact our chassis specialists to find out more about the countless possible applications. We will soon be in contact with you.

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