Medium calibre weapons

Rheinmetall's family of automatic cannons with exceptional firepower, precision and reliability

Rheinmetall’s portfolio of medium-calibre automatic cannons is based on the products of two highly regarded companies: Oerlikon and Mauser. Rheinmetall continues to build on their legacy, developing and manufacturing automatic cannons featuring exceptional firepower, precision and reliability. Rheinmetall is proud to present its current family of medium-calibre cannons in the 20 mm to 35 mm calibre range.

Designed to retain their firepower, precision and reliability even under extreme environmental conditions, they have excellent mass-to-performance ratios, compact designs, long service lives and reduced recoil forces – to name just a few of the factors that make our cannons the ideal solution for ground, naval and air applications. They are designed with the user in mind. For example, service members can fieldstrip them without special tools, while the Group’s replacement part packages reflect our extensive in-service experience.

20 mm x 139 Rh202

The MK20 Rh202 is a precision weapon with a high rate of fire of 1,000rds/min. Its long combat range and high accuracy allow engagement of targets, which cannot be reached with rifles, machine guns and early models of 20mm guns. The MK20 is a fully automatic, gas-operated cannon with floating mounted base, thus reducing the recoil forces and achieving maximum accuracy, reliability and service-life.

The MK20 is an open bolt weapon, i.e. in loaded condition, the bolt is in its rear position and the return springs are under tension. The cartridge is in its feeding position, the chamber is cartridge free (cook-off safety).

Typical installation:
20 mm x 128 KAE
The KAE is the ideal cannon for modern remote weapon stations. It is based on the proven and widely used KAA design, and incorporates an electrical trigger device and a cannon control unit. In addition to the standard 1,000 rds/min burst mode, the operator can select the high-precision, rapid single-shot mode (100–300 rds/min). This is an exceptionally rugged weapon, insensitive to cold weather, sludge or water and can be fieldstripped without special tools.
Typical installation:
  • SeaSnake 20
  • Rheinmetall Fieldranger 20
  • Oerlikon Searanger 20
  • GAM-B01 naval mount
25 mm x 137 KBA
The KBA is used for ground-based air defence, naval surface combatant and armoured fighting vehicle applications. It features a high rate of fire and an instantaneous ammunition selection between two belts, and can fire the whole range of full and subcalibre 25 mm x 137 ammunition. With more than five thousand cannons delivered, the KBA is combat proven and is currently in service with numerous nations.
Typical installation:
  • Rheinmetall Fieldranger 25
  • Oerlikon Searanger 25
  • Dardo IFV
  • Freccia IFV
  • Leonardo Hitfist turret
  • Leonardo Spallacia Naval Mount
27 mm x 145 BK27
The BK27 is a gas-operated automatic cannon with linked or linkless ammunition. It combines low weight (approx. 100 kg) with a high rate of fire (1,700 rds/min),and can be used to arm aircraft and surface combatants alike. It is qualified for the Eurofighter, Gripen and Tornado, and for the German Navy as the MLG27 system. With more than 3,000 systems sold, the BK27 is one of the most successful aircraft guns on the market.
Typical aicraft installation:
  • Eurofighter Typhoon
  • Saab Gripen and Gripen NG
  • Tornado and C-295 based gunships

Typical naval installation:
  • Rheinmetall MLG27 Light Naval Gun System
30 mm x 173 KCA
Combining high firepower and low weight, the KCA cannon is a gas-operated system with a linked feed system. It is qualified for installation in aircraft, and can also be used in ground-based air defence systems (e.g. with airburst ammunition).
Typical installation:
30 mm x 173 MK30-2/ABM
The optimum combination of a high rate of fire and state-of-the-art ammunition technology makes the MK30-2/ABM an uncompromising, highly reliable weapon system. With a maximum effective range of 3,000 metres, the MK30-2/ABM is extremely effective against land, air and sea targets. The MK30-2/ABM is the main armament of the new German Puma infantry fighting vehicle.
Typical installation:
  • Puma IFV
  • Rheinmetall Lance turret
  • TORC30
35 mm x 228 - MK35f

The MK35-1 is an electrically powered automatic cannon. Due to the electric drive, the weapon’s reliable function is completely independent of the gas pressure. The MK35-1 can be used universally as a cross-sectional weapon. Thanks to its compact design, the weapon is suitable for use in modern remotely controlled weapon or manned systems and can be used under all climatic conditions.

Up to a range of 3,000 metres, the MK35-1 delivers maximum combat effectiveness. The highest degree of fighting power is achieved in combination with the 35mm KETF ammunition.

Typical installation:
  • Rheinmetall Lance turret
  • Naval applications
35 mm x 228 KDC
The KDC is the combat-proven, reliable workhorse of ground-based air defence. With more than 4,000 cannons delivered to date, it is in service worldwide. It can be enhanced with a programming unit for AHEAD airburst ammunition. The KDC operates with a linkless ammunition system. Moreover, it is an extremely rugged weapon, insensitive to cold and adverse weather conditions. It can be fieldstripped without special tools.
Typical installation:
  • GDF Twin Gun Family
  • GDM-A naval mount
35 mm x 228 KDG
The KDG revolver cannon is a gas operated cannon with a linkless feed system. It combines a high firepower with precise accuracy. The cannon is completely remote-controlled, the integrated fibre-optical sensor system supports the fully digital control of the cannon. The KDG cannon is mainly used with the Rheinmetall AHEAD ammunition giving the user outstanding performance on a wide range of targets. It is fully qualified according to STANAG 4516 and has redundant safety circuits. The maintenance of the cannon is simple and the KDG has undergone extensive qualifications and complete life cycle firing tests.
Typical installation:
  • MANTIS C-RAM system
  • Oerlikon Revolver Gun MK2 and MK3
  • Oerlikon Skyranger mobile air defence system
  • Oerlikon Millennium naval gun

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