RMS Medical – Mobile container and shelter solutions

With its expertise in setting up mobile medical facilities and ability to integrate state-of-the-art medical technology into existing infrastructure, the products and services of Rheinmetall Mobile Systeme are built on cutting-edge innovation, both, in the civil and military sector:
  • Provision of turnkey mobile medical facilities
  • Complete field hospitals
  • Solutions for medical service scaffolding kits for vehicles and existing infrastructure.
Our capabilities

Rheinmetall Mobile Systeme is the system house for the highest quality and optimal mobile medical total solutions. As RMS, we offer our customers the full range of medical care systems from individual self-sufficient rescue and clinic systems to complete turnkey mobile hospitals and field hospitals. The customer can freely choose from different categories and capacities.

We also offer our expertise and experience in the integration of high-quality medical technology, not exclusively in our own mobile solutions (containers and tents), but also support our customers in equipping other mobile or semi-mobile medical supply units. From hospital ships to hospital trains to temporary or permanent modular buildings, we support our customers in equipping existing infrastructure with selected medical technology.

With RMS, our customers get an experienced provider from whom they can obtain the complete medical spectrum on a turnkey basis from a single source.

With a comprehensive understanding of the requirements of medical personnel and a supplier base of more than 400 renowned medical technology companies, RMS can quickly offer its customers the optimal solution for their individual needs. The solution approach is always configured to meet the given environmental and accommodation conditions as well as mobility requirements anywhere in the world.

RMS mobile applications are available for all medical specialties, from general medicine to surgery and imaging (including mobile CT) to specialties such as dentistry or ophthalmology, everything can be implemented by us in mobile solutions.

Our medical engineers and project managers are trained in handling complex military and civilian projects and our range of services accompanies the customer throughout the entire project. From material selection and procurement to delivery, commissioning, associated training and accompanying on-site services, we provide everything from a single source.

The systems of RMS for mobile medical and ambulance services always meet the highest standards and combine outstanding and state-of-the-art medical technology with the experience and know-how gained from decades of providing mission-oriented and customer-specific solutions.

RMS Medical – Our mobile medical facilities
Further shelters
Rheinmetall Mobile Systeme is also a leading maker of individually customized shelter solutions for a wide variety of other applications, e.g. in the security and military sector. 

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