Caracal – Air assault vehicle

Covering the full airborne operational spectrum

The Rheinmetall Caracal

CARACAL – Rheinmetall’s answer to the upcoming airborne vehicle requirements around the world

Caracal is Rheinmetall’s new light air assault vehicle. Primarily aimed at airborne and special operations missions, the compact 4x4 keeps operators agile and dominant through speed, a low-signature profile, scalable protection and a multitude of armaments.

Its unique modular design allows Caracal to serve in airborne operations in various roles ranging from simple troop transport, via ambulance applications to combat engineer groups and different logistic applications.

Key characteristics
Based on the latest militarized and series-proven G-Class chassis, the Caracal enables a wide array of capabilities covering the full airborne operational spectrum. The compact vehicle design allows air-transportability as internal load or as underslung transport matching with the latest CH-47F Chinook and CH-53K King Stallion helicopters and comes with highest mobility, a lightweight superstructure and optionally mountable ballistic protection elements.
  • Exclusive cooperation between Rheinmetall, Mercedes-Benz AG and ACS Armoured Car Systems GmbH 
  • Latest generation military-of-the-shelf G-Class chassis by Mercedes-Benz
  • Lightweight and modular superstructure by ACS Armoured Car Systems
  • Transport of up to two vehicles inside heavy transport helicopters CH-47F and CH-53K
  • Air transportability as underslung load
  • Integration of standard infantry weapons and ATGM weapons on ring mount
  • Large scale series production
  • Full life cycle support over 20 years by Rheinmetall
Survivability boost

Significant self-protection capability with the ROSY smoke protection system

Equipped with Rheinmetall's Rapid Obscuring System (Rosy) the Caracal can deploy a multispectral smoke screen to effectively break contact, evade and cover its tracks. No matter if deployed from a static position or on the move: Easily installed on the Caracal, Rosy provides effective screening in the visual and infrared spectrums, including integrated IR jamming and decoying effects. Thus, Rosy effectively counters conventional weapons, weapons with optical devices and laser distance measurement.


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