Path autonomy kit

Turn any vehicle into an autonomous powerhouse

Meet the Rheinmetall Path autonomy kit (A-kit), a proprietary robotic control software suite. Thanks to its platform-agnostic design, it can seamlessly integrate autonomous capabilities into existing vehicle fleets.

By taking humans out of the equation, the Path A-kit can navigate challenging environments without putting employees at risk, and addresses labour shortages affecting a wide range of industries. No mission is too dull, dirty, or dangerous for the Path A-kit.

Features and benefits
  • Overcome labour shortages by automating tasks that require vehicle operators.
  • Keep employees out of harm’s way by using uncrewed vehicles for risky jobs.
  • Complete autonomous tasks and resupply missions in GPS-denied environments.
  • Detect and avoid obstacles to facilitate mission success.
  • Future-proof your systems with a software platform that is designed to evolve with you.

Our robust solution is built to withstand the harshest of conditions, making it a platform you can truly rely on.

Our solutions for all industries
No matter the industry or sector, our autonomous navigation platform and A-kit can help businesses and operators overcome their safety, labour, and budgetary challenges.
Outdoor logistics
Rheinmetall Path – the world leader in off-road autonomy
Rheinmetall Mission Master during the Unmanned Ground Vehicle Autonomy Trials in Estonia
Rheinmetall highlights its multi-vehicle logistics convoy capability
Rheinmetall collaborates with Zeal Motors to feature its Path autonomy kit
Rheinmetall demonstrates its autonomous resupply capability in mining operations with its Mission Master A-UGV
Our team of experts

A wealth of experience under one roof

Our robotics system experts bring diverse professional backgrounds and areas of specialization to the table. Together, our team is greater than the sum of its parts – just like our autonomous vehicles!

Speak to an expert

There’s no challenge too complex for our seasoned team. Tell us about your goals and we will craft a solution that’s tailored to your unique situation. Contact the Rheinmetall Provectus team here


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