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Advanced robotic technology for unmanned systems

About us
What started as a small and mighty team in 2006 was formalized as Provectus Robotics Solutions in Ottawa in 2010. In 2019, the company was acquired by Rheinmetall Canada Inc., thus joining the prestigious Rheinmetall banner. Today, backed by a proven history of diverse project executions, Rheinmetall Provectus, still legally registered as Provectus Robotics Solutions Inc., strives to provide customers with a proven autonomous navigation technology that helps solve their safety, labour, and budgetary challenges.

Proven solutions you can rely on!

Rheinmetall Provectus is a global leader in autonomous navigation, delivering customized unmanned ground vehicle solutions that can handle rugged terrain and harsh conditions with ease. For more than a decade, we have helped a wide range of industries – from mining and forestry to security and logistics – increase worksite productivity, reduce risk, and maintain worker safety.

Thanks to our highly experienced team and key industry partnerships, we are able to create complex, tailored, never-before-seen solutions that set the bar for autonomous navigation.


Systems & Products

Our flagship technologies

We want platform manufacturers and industry leaders alike to benefit from our solution’s vast array of problem-solving and risk-mitigating features, no matter the challenge at hand.

Our unmanned ground vehicle technology has excelled in a wide range of real-life situations, including successful deployments with esteemed partners like the Canadian Space Agency and the U.S. Military.

Rheinmetall PATH autonomy kit

Turn any vehicle into an autonomous powerhouse

Seamlessly integrate autonomous technology into your existing fleet with the PATH autonomy kit (A-kit): an advanced control suite that can convert any ground vehicle into a highly versatile mobile robotic platform. The A-kit is entirely vehicle-agnostic, making it suitable for any business that wants to address labour shortages and keep employees out of harm’s way.

Rheinmetall AXUS

A modular, multi-purpose autonomous vehicle

Fuelled entirely by electric power, this autonomous vehicle solution combines our gold-standard software and sensors with a configurable and customizable platform. Reliable both above and below ground, AXUS can independently complete transport and resupply tasks so your team can focus on what they do best.

Our solutions for all industries

No matter the industry or sector, our autonomous navigation platform and A-kit can help businesses and operators overcome their safety, labour, and budgetary challenges.
Outdoor logistics

A company on a mission

Rheinmetall Provectus strives to provide every one of its customers with proven autonomous navigation technology that helps solve their most pressing safety, labour, and budgetary challenges.
Always on the pursuit of excellence
Proven reliability in all conditions
Promises made, promises kept
The values that drive us forward

A career on the cutting edge at Rheinmetall Provectus

At Rheinmetall Provectus, we don’t just build autonomous vehicles – we encourage autonomous employees. Immerse yourself in a work environment that values your ideas and puts you at the forefront of the innovation process.

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Our team of experts

A wealth of experience under one roof

Our robotics system experts bring diverse professional backgrounds and areas of specialization to the table. Together, our team is greater than the sum of its parts – just like our autonomous vehicles!

Speak to an expert

There’s no challenge too complex for our seasoned team. Tell us about your goals and we will craft a solution that’s tailored to your unique situation. Contact the Rheinmetall Provectus team here


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