Exhibitions and events

Meet us at the following events and learn more about the Rheinmetall Group as a potential employer. We will advise you individually on entry opportunities and show you current vacancies. Experts will share with you their first-hand experiences of working at Rheinmetall.

We are looking forward to speaking with you!

Events 2018

Date Event City Exhibitor
12 Jan 2018 bonding Firmenkontaktmesse Karlsruhe Rheinmetall Group
19-21 Jan 2018 KarriereStart Dresden Rheinmetall Group
09 Feb 2018 IT-Karrieretag Darmstadt Rheinmetall Group
09 Feb 2018 CAR-connects Bochum Bochum Rheinmetall Automotive
25-26 Apr 2018 connecticum Berlin Berlin Rheinmetall Group
29 May 2018 bonding Braunschweig Braunschweig Rheinmetall Group
30 May 2018 Karrieretag "Öffentlicher Dienst & Netzwerkpartner Bundeswehr" Hamburg Rheinmetall Defence
11-15 Jun 2018 Eurosatory Paris Rheinmetall Defence
11-15 Sep 2018 Automechanika Frankfurt Rheinmetall Automotive
20-27 Sep 2018 IAA NkW Hannover Rheinmetall Automotive
23-24 Oct 2018 inova Ilmenau Illmenau Rheinmetall Group
08 Nov 2018 TUConnects Chemnitz Rheinmetall Group
14 Nov 2018 heise IT-Jobtag Munich Rheinmetall Group
19-21 Nov 2018 bonding Kaiserslautern Kaiserslautern Rheinmetall Group
27 Nov 2018 bonding Hamburg Hamburg Rheinmetall Group
28 Nov 2018 CAR-connects Stuttgart Rheinmetall Automotive
28 Nov 2018 Karriereperspektiven für IngenieurInnen Duisburg Rheinmetall Group
03-05 Dec 2018 bonding Aachen Aachen Rheinmetall Group
11-12 Dec 2018 bonding München Munich Rheinmetall Group