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Rheinmetall was founded in 1889 as "Rheinische Metallwaaren- und Maschinenfabrik Actiengesellschaft". Today, Rheinmetall is a leading, globally active, integrated technology group that develops and sells components, systems and services for the security and civil industries.

As a renowned development partner and direct supplier to the global automotive industry and a leading international systems provider for security technology, Rheinmetall draws on its high level of expertise in its basic technologies to address long-term megatrends, identify viable new markets with high growth potential and develop innovative solutions for a safe and liveable future. The focus on sustainability is an integral part of Rheinmetall's strategy. The company aims to achieve CO2 neutrality by 2035.


"Rheinmetall is taking responsibility in a changing world. As an integrated technology group, we have excellent conditions to help shape the transformation of the markets and achieve our ambitious medium-term targets for sustainable profitable growth."
Armin Papperger

Chief Executive Officer of Rheinmetall AG:

Rheinmetall joins the DAX

Germany’s benchmark stock exchange index

On 20 March 2023, Rheinmetall AG entered the DAX, Germany’s benchmark index of forty blue chip companies. The German Stock Exchange announced this move on 3 March 2023. As a result of the share price performance in recent months, as of the end of February 2023 we have reached the 33rd position in the ranking list of listed companies with the highest market capitalization in Germany, which entitles us to be promoted in accordance with the rules of Deutsche Börse.

A company with a proud heritage, Rheinmetall has long been a publicly traded enterprise. Following its foundation in 1889, Rheinmetall, then known as Rheinische Metallwaaren- und Maschinenfabrik Actiengesellschaft was first listed on the stock exchange in 1894. In 1996, Rheinmetall was a founding member of the Germany’s MDAX (Mid-Cap-DAX), where it has been listed without interruption ever since.

Rheinmetall in figures*
billion sales
million operating result
operating margin
billion backlog
locations worldwide***

 * fiscal year 2023
** status april 2024
*** status February 2024

Taking responsibility in a changing world
Structure of the Rheinmetall Group

The management holding company

Rheinmetall AG is the parent company of the Rheinmetall Group and has its registered office in Düsseldorf, Germany, at the Group headquarters. As the management holding company, it defines long-term strategic orientation and corporate policy of the Rheinmetall Group. It also performs control and governance functions and provides services to the Group companies. Its most important tasks include specifying targets and guidelines, optimizing the investment portfolio, central financing, risk management and filling management positions in the Group. Support and service functions, such as finances, HR, corporate communications, law, taxation, information technology, internal auditing, compliance, corporate social responsibility and mergers & acquisitions, are performed at Group level. Rheinmetall AG ensures that there is a Group-wide, standardized planning, control and management process in place, and within the context of the compliance management system it monitors the Group-wide implementation of laws, guidelines and regulations in accordance with a set of uniform criteria.

Five divisions – one goal

The Group structure comprises the five divisions of Vehicle Systems Europe, Vehicle Systems International, Weapon and Ammunition, Electronic Solutions, and Power Systems. The transfer of technology between the individual parts of the Group and a focus on future-driven technologies and business areas with large potential for sustained growth and value enhancement are the cornerstones of the structure.

Our focus – Security and mobility

Rheinmetall is an international group in various markets with technologically leading products and services. The sales focus is on the security technology and mobility segments. Globalization, protectionism, digitalization as well as disruption and transformation in various sectors and industries – particularly in the automotive sector – as well as the increasing frequency and intensity of conflicts and military disputes, such as those in Russia’s war against Ukraine, are leading to a growing need for mobility and security.

With its product portfolio, Rheinmetall fulfills these basic key needs of modern society.

Defence and security technology
Civilian activities
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