Incident Management

Whistleblowing Process

In accordance with the Rheinmetall Code of Conduct, rule violations within the Rheinmetall Group are generally to be reported to the Compliance Organization. In an effort to protect whistleblowers, the compliance organization has created the possibility of anonymous communication channels:

Ombudsman - Dr. Buchert as Ombudsman is a lawyer and thus enjoys the legal privilege. In this respect, the communication of the whistleblower with him enjoys a high degree of legal protection. He can be contacted by whistleblowers in several languages ​​and immediately informs Rheinmetall AG's central compliance organization about incoming information so that it can react in a timely manner.

Direct contact with the Compliance Organization - Corporate Compliance as the central compliance organization of the Rheinmetall Group can be contacted directly in several ways (post/telephone/e-mail). This ensures that the information on demand of the wihistleblower can be communicated to an independent body within the group in addition to the local companies.

In these ways, hints from around the world can be given to the compliance organization in a variety of ways. Corporate Compliance is currently working on a global whistleblower system available in the primary languages. This whistleblowing system will make it easier and more efficient to deliver and to manage the provided indication.

Incident Management- / Investigation Process

Every incoming notice must always be made known to the Compliance Organization. This records the notification centrally and forwards it to a multi-member body. This body is interdisciplinary and decides independently on how to deal with the hint. If necessary, a department is tasked with examining this information, which then informs the panel of the results of the investigation. Finally, the panel makes recommendations for a possible response to the report to those responsible for making a decision on their response to the study outcome. The test result and the resulting reaction are ultimately recorded centrally.