Handling of Gifts and Hospitatlity, Sponsoring, Donations

Both the Gifts Poliy and the Donations and Sponsorship Policy are important instruments for the prevention of corruption. By imposing value limits and procedural and approval routines, Rheinmetall creates the necessary sensitivity among its employees to the use of funds for third parties in the business, regulatory and political context.

Accepting and granting advantages, bribery and bribery are acts that Rheinmetall considers to be "no goes". For this reason, every effort is made to ensure transparent and honest business relations. To this end, Rheinmetall goes to great lengths to comprehensively review potential and existing partners and to review the sustainability of internal financial flows.

In addition to an in-depth review of business partners, the instruments for this include the constant comparison of blacklisting lists, anti-terrorism lists, the provision of information on corruption risks in individual countries, the regulation of grants, donations and sponsorship. These measures are accompanied by constant awareness improvement measures and training of employees on the said topics.