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Rheinmetall in Canada has been the starting point of numerous great careers in engineering and high technology. We are currently investing significantly in developing new products and are looking to hire new, talented employees. Become a part of this development!

At Rheinmetall in Canada, challenges are part of everyday life. We are agile, resourceful, and always ready to think outside the box.

Ready for a new adventure?

Join our all-terrain team!

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  • You are not afraid to take the road less travelled
  • You are a team player, yet autonomous
  • You are looking to push the limits of technology
  • You are well known for your creativity and sense of initiative
  • You understand that in order to advance, you need to be continuously willing to learn
About us

Rheinmetall Canada Inc.

Rheinmetall Canada Inc. is an established player in the Canadian defence industry. Located in facilities in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Ottawa, and other offices throughout the world, our 400 employees put their expertise to work in order to deliver solutions that you can trust. We offer innovative solutions for vehicle systems and integration, air defence as well as weapon, command and communications, soldier and robotic systems. In addition, our offering includes airport ground support equipment.

Provectus Robotics Solutions Inc.

Provectus Robotics Solutions Inc., Ottawa, was acquired by Rheinmetall Canada Inc. in 2019. Rheinmetall Provectus is a global leader in autonomous navigation, delivering customized unmanned ground vehicle solutions that can handle rugged terrain and harsh conditions with ease. For more than a decade, we have helped a wide range of industries – from mining and forestry to security and logistics – increase worksite productivity, reduce risk, and maintain worker safety.

Delivering unique capabilities at home and abroad is and will always remain our top priority!

Rheinmetall eMSU-GP electric air start unit
Our mission – Challenge technology with ingenuity
  • If you are looking to work on projects that truly make a difference,
    Rheinmetall Canada is where you belong.
  • We are proud to design sophisticated technological solutions that
    support the safety of soldiers and infrastructures.
"In my opinion, working with colleagues who like to have fun carrying out ambitious and innovative projects is essential. But Rheinmetall Canada is more than that: teamwork is the engine of the company."
Kevin Coombs

System Engineer, Soldier Systems, Rheinmetall Canada Inc.

Our secret – a combination of self-reliance and collaboration

Team work

We advance together. No one is left behind and everyone’s voice is heard.



We believe that everyone has the potential to inspire others; just dare to express your ingenuity.


Surpassing oneself

When you believe, the impossible becomes achievable. We are involved in every mission, always willing to go one step further.

Top ranking


In the top 20 best defence companies in Canada

Come and make a difference with us!
Choose Rheinmetall Canada!
  • Have the freedom and space required to grow.
  • Be part of a tight-knit team.
  • Put your ingenuity and ideas to good use.
  • Evolve in an environment based on trust and collaboration.
What makes the difference

Working at Rheinmetall Canada

If you’re looking for career growth, and a balance between work and your personal life, look no further. See for yourself why it is different at Rheinmetall Canada:

Challenges, autonomy, ability to influence, flexibility!*

* The videos are in French with English subtitles

Rheinmetall celebrates the ingenuity of the next generation!

A team of graduating students in mechanical engineering from Université de Sherbrooke have designed an ambulance cabin for our Mission Master XT autonomous vehicle as part of the 2021 "Notre conception MégaGÉNIALE!" competition. The IAZO team – comprising of ten engineering students - thus took up with ingenuity and great determination the challenge of creating an all-terrain solution to support the land search and rescue of our soldiers, regardless of the conditions they find themselves in: storms, deserts, plains, or rivers, summer, like winter.

Rheinmetall Canada is proud to support and encourage the innovators of tomorrow who are always proving to be so creative and ingenious!

Working at Rheinmetall Provectus

At Rheinmetall Provectus, we don’t just build autonomous vehicles – we encourage autonomous employees. Immerse yourself in a work environment that values your ideas and puts you at the forefront of the innovation process.

The values that drive us forward
The perks of being on our team

Our open and safe workplace is committed to the prosperity of aboriginal communities.
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We recognise the importance of having a healthy workforce where our employees can comfortably blend personal and professional life. To achieve this culture, we provide a number of attractive employee benefits that our team members can enjoy:
Quality of life
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