Materials and Trade

System components for the basic motor & aftermarket

Rheinmetall’s Materials and Trade division numbers among the world’s foremost makers and development partners of system components for the basic motor. Its Trade business unit represents the Group’s global aftermarket activities.

In the realm of research and development, the division’s Small-Bore Pistons, Bearings, and Castings business units focus on meeting the major challenges now facing the sector, such as weight reduction, emission reduction and increased service life, while simultaneously boosting performance. The division’s comprehensive product portfolio includes pistons for gasoline and diesel engines for passenger cars and trucks; pistons for two-stroke motors and compressors; polymer-coated and metallic plain bearings; cast parts (such as structural components); and continuous casting products.

 Business units

Small Bore Pistons

The Small-Bore Pistons business unit is the market leader in pistons for gasoline-powered passenger vehicles. It is synonymous with major technological advances, including the development of efficient steel pistons for cars and commercial vehicles.


The Bearings business unit is a world-leading maker of high-quality plain bearings for vehicles and other industrial applications. Its innovative development and production capabilities make it a compelling choice.


Consisting of KS HUAYU AluTech in Germany and KPSNC in China, the division’s Castings business unit boasts longstanding expertise in pressure casting and low-pressure casting processes, applying its vast know-how in such areas as the production of aluminum cylinder heads, engine blocks and structural parts.


Operating under the brand name Motorservice, the Trade business unit is responsible for Rheinmetall’s worldwide aftermarket activities. It is a leading source of engine components for the free spare parts market. Comprising the premium brands Kolbenschmidt, Pierburg, TRW Engine Components as well as the BF brand, Motorservice offers its customers in the trade and repair shop sector a wide and deep assortment of top-quality products. In addition to its core business, Rheinmetall’s spare parts specialist is also in charge of marketing and distributing personal protective equipment, pedelec systems, and digital services. Motorservice customers benefit from the concentrated technical expertise of a globally operating technology enterprise.

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