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Tactics and Logistics - Military vehicles for international programmes

The Vehicle Systems International division is focussing on the markets of Australia, U.S. and Great Britain, in order to provide global customers with more individual support. In addition, jointly with the Vehicle Systems Europe division markets in North and South America, Africa and Asia will be served and expanded. 
Business Units

United Kingdom

The products and military capabilities supplied by Business Unit United Kingdom are critical to the UK's armed forces. Commissioned by the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD), 148 Challenger 2 main battle tanks are currently being modernised. 

The Challenger 3 will be a network-enabled, digital main battle tank with supreme assertiveness, enhanced survivability and excellent surveillance and target acquisition capabilities.

Asia Pacific

The products and military capabilities that Business Unit Asia Pacific delivers are critical to the armed forces in Australia and New Zealand. Business Unit Asia Pacific is the focal point of activities in the Asia Pacific region and in Australia and New Zealand in particular to ensure the best protection, impact, mobility and digitalisation for customers on the ground. In 2020, Rheinmetall opened the Military Vehicle Center of Excellence (MILVEHCOE) in Australia. The MILVEHCOE a state-of-the-art integrated development, design, manufacturing and service centre as well as the regional headquarters. Rheinmetall works closely with an ever-growing network of local industry and research partners to provide Australian customers, regional partners and global allies with a modern manufacturing base, training, simulation and service of military technologies.

North America

The business unit specialises in the development of combat vehicle platforms and supplies the U.S. Department of Defense and federal and state law enforcement agencies with next-generation products. In addition, American Rheinmetall Vehicles markets the vehicle systems of its global sister companies in the U.S..

Among other things, the business unit actively supports the U.S. Army in two particularly high-priority modernisation programmes: the XM30 Combat Vehicle programme, in which the Lynx XM30 has just advanced to phases 3 and 4, and the Common Tactical Truck (CTT) programme, in which the HX3 CTT advanced to phase 2 of the programme in early 2023.
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