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Tactics and logistics – military vehicles

Tactics and logistics: The Vehicle Systems Europe division offers a field-proven and versatile vehicle portfolio on wheels and tracks. This includes combat, support, logistics and special vehicles and is constantly evolving. The division is divided into the following business units: Tactical Vehicles and Logistic Vehicles. Sensors, guidance systems, protection technologies and effectors from the partner divisions turn Rheinmetall's wheeled and tracked vehicles into highly effective systems.

The Vehicle Systems Europe division is focussing primarily on the European market and will further expand its presence and activities in this region. In addition, jointly with the Vehicle Systems InternationaI division markets in North and South America, Africa and Asia will be served and expanded. 

Business units

Tactical Vehicles

Rheinmetall offers tactical vehicles on both wheels and tracks. These include the highly mobile, well protected and modular Lynx KF41 medium tracked vehicle family, the Marder infantry fighting vehicle, the Kodiak armoured engineer vehicle based on the Leopard 2 chassis and the Büffel 3 armoured recovery vehicle, as well as the new Puma Bundeswehr infantry fighting vehicle manufactured in industrial cooperation. Representatives of the tactical wheeled vehicles include the Fuchs armoured transport vehicle or the Boxer 8x8 armoured transport vehicle produced in industrial cooperation. Tower solutions such as the Lance and special laboratories for CBRN defence round off the range.

Logistic Vehicles

Modern armed forces depend on efficient logistics vehicles in order to keep reinforcements rolling even in the most remote operational areas. In line with the "Military off the Shelf" philosophy, the versatile HX vehicle family from Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) is uncompromisingly designed for military use under the toughest deployment conditions – a unique selling point in the industry.
Over 14,000 HX are currently in use worldwide. Furthermore, RMMV offers robust militarised logistics vehicles with the TGM and TGS series and proven commercial logistics vehicles with the TG family.

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