Under the name "ONE Rheinmetall", the company's management is setting up a comprehensive programme that will lay the foundation for a new uniform corporate culture and transform both culture and merge the two sectors - Automotive and Defence - into an even more alliance.

At Eurosatory 2016, Rheinmetall presents its new Skynex approach to ground-based, fully networked air defence system of the future, as well as the fully remote-controlled, autonomous and network-capable Oerlikon Revolver Gun Mk3.


Rheinmetall Landsysteme presents the Lynx infantry-fighting vehicle at the Eurosatory defence technology fair. The highly protected and agile tracked vehicle contributes to superiority on the battlefield and is suitable for all types of operations - from peacekeeping missions to high-intensity combat.


Pierburg presents a new compressed air control valve (PRV) at the IAA Commercial Vehicles for waste gate actuators on the turbocharger, among other things. The valve for pneumatic actuators is especially suitable for commercial vehicles with large-volume engines and can be used to control exhaust gas flaps and fresh air throttles.


The German Armed Forces order 2300 military trucks of the HX2 series worth approx. 900 million Euros, which are to be delivered by 2024.


Rheinmetall Soldier Electronics Rheinmetall develops the latest version from the ultra-compact laser module series "Vario-Ray LowProfile". This is a very compact laser aiming aid and illumination module.

Rheinmetall receives a major order for the delivery of 68 platoon systems of the "Infantryman of the Future - Extended System", with which more than 2460 soldiers can be equipped.


Series production of the EVP 40 electric vacuum pump begins in Hartha. It operates on demand, is robust and durable and has a cumulative service life of up to 1500 operating hours.


Pierburg presents a new inline valve at the IAA. It enables optimum installation space conditions and is part of a modular system in the field of cooling and heat flow control.


The Active Protection System is successfully demonstrated to international representatives in Unterlüß. In the process, a simulated convoy is stopped by suicide bombers with a car bomb and then taken under fire with bazookas. Sensor technology on the armoured vehicle detects the projectiles and destroys them with an automatically triggered wall of flame.

At Eurosatory, Rheinmetall presents the GTK Boxer armoured vehicle with the Oerlikon Skyranger 35 mm anti-aircraft gun.


The autonomous vehicle Mission Master, manufactured by Rheinmetall Canada, impresses in its cargo version as a transport vehicle for heavy loads and equipment at EL-ROB 2018.


Pierburg Pump Technology begins production of the CWP35 electric coolant pump at the Hartha site.


Pierburg starts series production of the Electrical Vapor Pump (EVAP) for rinsing of the activated carbon filter to capture fuel vapours without the vacuum in the intake manifold.


At the KS HUAYU AluTech GmbH site in Neckarsulm, a new casting process is developed that is particularly suitable for very complex engine block designs and electric traction motor housings.


At IDEX, Rheinmetall will be highlighting its extensive expertise in the field of air defence systems with its innovative Skynex system. Exemplary in Abu Dhabi will be the remotely guided and network-capable Oerlikon Revolver Gun Mk3 - loaded on an HX77 truck -, the X-TAR3D search radar, a Cheetah guided missile as well as a high-energy laser effector integrated into Skynex.


Rheinmetall unveils the RSG60 60mm mortar system for infantry and Special Forces.


Rheinmetall and MBDA Germany announce the pooling of their competencies in the field of high-energy laser effectors in a joint venture. The companies intend to jointly build and test a laser demonstrator for the German Navy's K130 corvette.


Rheinmetall Automotive presents components for battery-electric driving from its E-Mobility division at the IAA.


Pierburg develops an electric air-conditioning compressor which, in addition to the classic air-conditioning operation at warm and cold outside temperatures, can also be used in heat pump operation.


At the IAA, KS Plain Bearings presents a technical innovation: the new maintenance-free plain bearing KS P180 made of KS R535 for comfort operation, which considerably reduces adhesion effects and the associated noise.

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Rheinmetall Group celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2014
Rheinmetall share history
On March 20, 2023, the technology group Rheinmetall AG was included in Germany’s benchmark DAX index. This underlined the success of the company’s development over the course of 130 years. Rheinmetall has long been a fixture on the trading floor. Following the company’s founding in 1889 under the name “Rheinische Metallwaaren- und Maschinenfabrik Actiengesellschaft,” it went public in 1894. In 1996, the Düsseldorf-based company became a founding member of the MDAX (mid-cap DAX) and has been listed in this stock index without interruption ever since.

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