Rheinmetall delivers seven Fuchs 1A8 armoured transport vehicles to the Bundeswehr Combat Intelligence and Identification (KAI). The Fuchs KAI is designed to do reconnaissance of danger spots not covered by the Route Clearance System.

Pierburg Huayu Pump Technologie in Shanghai starts manufacturing and supplying electric water circulating pumps for electric vehicles for a global automotive manufacturer, destined for the Chinese and Asian markets.
Rheinmetall receives an order to produce the Lynx infantry-fighting vehicle in a joint venture in Hungary. Hungary is the first country to order the Lynx.
Within the framework of a funded project for the development of a highly integrated high fuel cell drive, Pierburg is developing a new hydrogen recirculation blower, which is delivered to BMW in October.
Rheinmetall Canada introduces a new module for the unmanned platform Mission Master unmanned platform, the Mission Master - Armed Reconnaissance. This is equipped with reconnaissance technology and a remote-controlled Fieldranger weapon station from Rheinmetall.

RMMV begins series delivery of 343 roll-off tippers for the Bundeswehr. This is the largest order for Rheinmetall in the field of civilian trucks.
Rheinmetall Air Defence introduces the Skyranger mobile air defence system, which includes active and passive sensors as well as various effectors in a single turret, which can be integrated on various vehicle platforms.


Rheinmetall changes its management structure. The sectors below Rheinmetall

AG, Rheinmetall Defence and Rheinmetall Automotive AG, are dissolved. In future

Rheinmetall AG's Executive Board will directly manage five divisions:

- Weapon & Ammunition

- Electronic Solutions

- Vehicle Systems

- Sensors & Actuators (previously Mechatronics)

- Materials & Trade (KS Plain Bearings, KS Huayu Aklu Tech, MS Motorservice)

The Budget Committee of the Bundestag approves the procurement of the Kodiak armoured personnel carriers.
Rheinmetall presents the Mission Master XT developed by Rheinmetall Canada, which is capable of transporting heavy loads even in extremely difficult terrain.
Rheinmetall presents for the first time the new fully stabilised 360-degree turret-independent secondary armament system (TSWA) for the Puma infantry-fighting vehicle.
Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles presents the HX3 in a digital presentation a new generation of military trucks.
Rheinmetall Automotive receives first orders for the supply of tank shut-off valves for hybrid vehicles and of divert-air valves for turbochargers.
Rheinmetall presents the Lynx 120, the latest member of the next-generation combat vehicle family. The platform combines a proven turret concept and weapon system based on 120 mm smoothbore technology with the chassis of the Lynx KF41.

The Bundeswehr commissions the Rheinmetall company Zeppelin Mobile Systems to set up a field hospital at the Gao base in Mali.


Rheinmetall is working with a premium vehicle manufacturer to develop glass fibre chassis springs. 


Rheinmetall successfully tests the functional model of a laser weapon for the Bundeswehr on unmanned aerial vehicles (drones).


At Eurosatory, Rheinmetall unveils the new KF51 "Panzer" main battle tank with a 130 mm cannon, an automatic loading system, accompanying drones and a stand-off protection system.


Rheinmetall and MBDA Germany successfully test a high-energy laser weapon in the Baltic Sea. Several drones are being fought from on board the frigate "Sachsen" at close and close range.


Rheinmetall supplies HX 8x8 trucks to Ukraine on behalf of the German government.

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Am 20. März 2023 wurde der Technologiekonzern Rheinmetall AG in den deutschen Leitindex DAX aufgenommen. Dieser Aufstieg bestätigt den Erfolg der über 130-jährigen Unternehmensentwicklung. Rheinmetall ist bereits lange auf dem Börsenparkett präsent. Nach der Gründung der Firma im Jahr 1889 erfolgte der Börsengang der damaligen Rheinischen Metallwaaren- und Maschinenfabrik Actiengesellschaft im Jahre 1894. Der Düsseldorfer Konzern war im Jahr 1996 Gründungsmitglied im MDAX (Mid-Cap-DAX) und wurde seitdem ohne Unterbrechung in diesem Aktienindex notiert.

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