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The story of our history from 1889 until today

The closing 19th century is a period of sweeping technical and economic progress. In 1876, Nikolaus Otto builds the first four-stroke engine, Alexander Bell brings the telephone on its way, Edison pioneers entertainment electronics and, in 1878, invents the electric light bulb, Werner Siemens presents the first electric train in 1879, and Maybach, Daimler and Benz achieve automotive engineering advances in the 80s.

Rheinmetall Chronicle
On 13 April 1889, the metals and mining conglomerate Hoerder Bergwerks- und Hüttenverein, under General Director Joseph Massenez, founded “Rheinische Metallwaaren- und Maschinenfabrik Actiengesellschaft” to supply munitions to the German Empire. In 1919, due to the provisions of the Treaty of Versailles, it switched to civilian products (locomotives, steam plows, office machines). Military production resumed in 1921. Engineer Heinrich Ehrhardt, from Thuringia, established the factory in Düsseldorf and headed it until 1920.

Today, Rheinmetall is a leading, globally active, integrated technology group that develops
and sells components, systems and services for the security and civil industries.

An overview on the long history of Rheinmetall, since its foundation in 1889 until today:
Rheinmetall Group celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2014
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